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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" drama news

 Hope to have the recaps of episodes three and four later on for group's first drama 'Tokuyama'. The first two shows were quite good which is a dark mystery surrounding the murder of the girls homeroom teacher.
 That show ran in the Summer of 2016 while this series just started two days ago on NTV. Think every Idol drama has to air late at night and this one is no different as the start time for it is 1:00 am. This show promises to be another interesting drama as it's set in the near future, the members are once again at a high school. What looks to be very good is the plot as they're trapped in their classroom and the only way to leave is to get enough likes from viewers watching via an outside feed.

 Won't go into too much detail as I haven't started to watch it yet but do have the first episode. So far it hasn't been subbed but a team is picking it up so it will be soon. However may finish watching the 'Tokuyama' series first and then start on this one, will end up recapping the entire drama. In the older drama all of the members used their regular names in the show but in this one they have different names.
 Few examples are Yurina's name will be Yuzuki, once again she has the lead in the series and really has had the center or lead positions for everything Keya has done. Couple other character names are Rika as Anna, Shiori as Shizuka and Neru as Miko.

 Those are some pics from the NTV site which also has a brief recap of the first show and what to expect in the next episode. On April 19th the group held a press conference for the show, all twenty one members are in the drama but Risa was the only one not at the event. The show also airs on HULU, think their version may be a tad different.
 The title can translate over to 'Cruel Audience', likes can get you out of the classroom but wonder what's going to happen to the ones that aren't allowed to leave the room? Have plenty of pics here from the press conference followed by a promo video that aired on the ZIP! show, there's quite a few other short videos for the show on YT.

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