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Friday, May 19, 2017

Nogizaka46: "Asahinagu" stage play promo event pics

 Another busy stretch is coming up for Nogi but it's rare when the group isn't extremely busy. Their third album will be released on Wednesday, don't know if there's any event for it but usually there isn't. However there are a few promo tie-ins for the album and will have news on them over the weekend such as these pics here for 7-Eleven, they also had a new CM that came out today for them.

 Still no news on a second group drama, Nogi seemingly does every activity imaginable these last two years but kind of shocked there was never another drama after 'Hatsumori Bemars".
 Seems the members have appeared in so many stage plays over the last few years, especially Erika. On May 20th a group play will be opening up which is titled "Asahinagu" which is based on a manga. Tomorrow it opens at the EX Theater in Roppogni and will be there until the 31st. On June 2nd the play moves to Osaka until the fifth, then after that are three days in Aichi. Nanase isn't in the play but she will have the lead role of Asahi in the film version which comes out this Autumn.

 For the stage play Asuka has the lead role of Asahi and as you can see there's seven other Nogi members in the play. Those seven are Hinako, Mai, Miona, Misa, Rina, Sayuri and Yumi. Think the other Mai is also in the play but she wasn't at this event.

 On May 19th the entire cast had a brief showing of the play at the Roppogni Theater. It's an action packed play and hopefully the whole group is in shape. As you can see all of the members really got into it at the mini performance. Have plenty of pics here from the performance but couldn't find any video for it. But that's okay as there's a better one which I never posted that is of the two leads who are of course Asuka and Nanase. The video is from their recent Big Comic Spirits photo shoot and both dress up as the Asahi character.

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