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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?" drama episode ten recap

 Air Dates: July 16 to October 1, 2016 on TV Tokyo, Saturdays at 12:20 am
 Theme song: "Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai" by Keyakizaka46


 The Adults....

Kyusaku Shimada as Tokuyama, their dead homeroom teacher
Noriko Eguchi as Kanzaki, asst. homeroom teacher
Ryo Iwamatsu as the Principal
Hiroki Konno as the janitor Hashibe
Kazuyuki Aijima as teacher Takemura

 Up until the sixth recap had listed about ten of the members in the above info but now will list all of the Keya members who are in the drama. These are screenshots from the opening credits and in the order the cast is listed, words at the bottom are the drama's theme song. Title of the song is above, it's from the group's second single and it really is one superb tune.

 Up until May had never done a post for Keya or any of it's members, bet I did a total of thirty of them this month. That could be more than Nogi which hasn't happened in years and if you're a fan the posts will keep on coming. Currently playing their "Fukyouwaon" single as I've really been getting into their music lately, off the new single "Warete Smartphone" is the best tune so far for this year.
 Not as many happenings this episode until the final few minutes, no cliffhanger from the previous episode as that ended with Yurina confronting the janitor Hashibe about the camera he planted in their classroom. He admitted to that but says he's innocent of killing Tokuyama, time is running out to catch the murderer as there's only two more shows after this one. It hasn't taken place yet but during much of this episode the Keya girls were getting ready for the school's Cultural Festival.

 There was also a class reunion that was going to take place, the three gals above had graduated four years prior and Tokuyama was their teacher. They came to meet him but the girls told them he was absent but to their dismay the trio told them they had received a message from Tokuyama earlier in the day. Someone is still playing tricks with the girls and we still don't know who it could be but that trickster seems to know their every move, even after the second camera was found. Just popped in my head, the students have Tokuyama's phone so who could have called those alumni?
 The alumni had an older yearbook which Yurina glanced through, too quickly for us as barely see a potentially very important clue. That clue was four years ago the school janitor Hashibe had been some sort of administrator, what could have happened that he got demoted? He may have been demoted but he still has a lot of pull as he got the principal fired the previous day.

 As you can see in those bottom screenshots the atmosphere in the classroom is getting very tense, the girls are starting to get on each other's nerves. It's the sixth day Tokuyama's body has been hidden in a locker and he's starting to reek. The girls keep buying air freshener but after a while that's no longer going to have enough of an effect. Where to hide the body is the question, two days ago they buried his body on the school grounds but now now there's construction going on and they had to dig it up.
 That wouldn't have been too safe of a place for too long though and as of right now there's no other alternative. As mentioned the tenseness in between the girls is sky high, they begin arguing with each other and even come close to brawling. Bit of a slower episode as not much happened for the first half of the show but it was still just as good as the previous nine episodes. The final scene was quite explosive and it lasted a while.

 In the hallway Neru and Risa were walking together, we're finally going to learn if there is a relationship between the pair. But during their walk Nijika suddenly appears with a knife and lunges to stab Neru. Risa jumps in front of Neru and ends up being the person to be stabbed. Wasn't a serious injury as Risa was only stabbed on her arm and wrist but with her actions does this mean Nijika is now a prime suspect for the murder of Tokuyama?
 There was a long, long heated discussion in the classroom between all of the girls who surprisingly didn't think Nijika had anything to do with Tokuyama's murder. This is when Risa tells everyone her true feelings about Neru which was this....

.... which truly shocked Neru. Sadly for Risa it doesn't seem as Neru feels the same way towards her or at least for now as this part of the story may not be finished. She doesn't come out and admit fully but to me it seemed Nijika had those feelings towards Risa, she said that she wanted to stab Neru to protect Risa from her as she thinks Neru is still the killer.
 Neru plays along for a while with her accusation, bad mistake as many of the girls start to believe her. Perhaps none of the Keya girls is an accomplished actress but to date Neru may be the best one from the group. She's quite a mysterious girl and most of her classmates don't know what to think of her which has made her suspect #1 in the killing until Neru drops a bombshell on them.

 Took a while but Neru was able to convince everyone she had nothing to do with the murder. But it's what her next comments were which is the bombshell leading into the next episode. After convincing her fellow classmates she's innocent of the murder she begins to tell them that she knows who the real murderer is!
 Neru slowly turns and points her finger at Nanami, that's a name which hasn't been mentioned yet. Nanami is one of the better students and a very trustworthy girl too, what possible evidence does Neru have to accuse her of killing Tokuyama?

 No answers to that question yet as the episode ended with that line, real nice cliffhanger to begin the next show off with. Only two episodes to go, wonder if Neru really knows who the killer is or is this some sort of trap to draw out the real killer? Above Yone is short for Yonetani.
 Everything will be explained in the next two recaps which will be the final ones for this twelve episode series. Will be doing the recaps for those final two shows beginning of next week and I'm looking forward to see how this ends. After that will be starting soon on their new drama "Zankokuna Kankyakutachi" which began on May 18th, first night had two episodes. The fourth one airs tomorrow and the series is getting subbed.

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