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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Manaka Shida post' #1

 Watching dramas, variety shows and other things helps me get to know Idols so much faster. Two months ago probably knew only three Keya members by their face, these days it's in the teens and the 'Tokuyama' drama has been a huge help. Knew many more than three when I started the show but one I didn't know too well was Manaka. Perhaps she doesn't stand out like a few of my other faves but it's been next to impossible not to notice her kawaiiness in the show, besides the same sweater she wears every day Manaka also has headphones seemingly glued to her ears.

 In real life Manaka says her fave band is One OK Rock, wonder if she sneaks in a few of their tunes are she's wearing those headphones. Learned that from an interview she did for Hustle Press a little over a year ago, won't have those pics in this post but perhaps her next one. Should be a few other intro posts coming up for some of the members I've missed, think Manaka is the sixth member to date to be introduced and will have another five or so as long as they're 18+.
 Manaka is that age and she turned it last year. Keya is a youngish group but have to remember we were saying the same thing about Nogi five years ago and now most members are 23 or older. One big difference between the groups, don't know if I'm right, is that the Keya members seem so much taller. So many Nogi members are shorter than 160 cm and only a handful are much taller than that.

 Meanwhile it seems few Keya members are less than 163 cm or at least the older ones. Manaka's height is 165 cm and if you look at group pics she rarely is taller than the members next to her. Not sure if Manaka was pulling our leg as during that first Hustle Press interview but the interviewer had to ask the question twice, They had asked how many hours a night Manaka sleeps and she responded with 13 hours! Then again that was before Keya became so successful, can't see her sleeping 8:00 pm to 9:00 am these days but then again even if you're not busy.... 13 hours?!

 Manaka has really stood out to me on the 'Tokuyama' drama because of her attractiveness, kind of hard to believe she isn't an exclusive model for any magazine yet. She does appear in quite a few of them and today's post will be devoted to some from this year. First off is a brand new spread she shares with Neru who is also a new fave of mine, this superb set of pics is from the July So-En.

 Way too small of a set from the May issue of Direct. But of you think about it having three pages in a mag isn't all that bad as the competition between Idols to appear in mags must be very intense.

 Much bigger spread for Manaka here from the April edition of Brody.

 Another spread she shared with a Keya mate is from the February issue of Bomb. With her is the team captain Yuuka and was thinking about having the next intro post for her.

 The Hustle Press site has had so many interviews with the Keya members, there must be at least five a month. Fabulous pics here are from a March interview and will have more in her next post.

 Hustle Press also has a monthly mag titled 'U18 Cool', don't know why it's called that as everyone I've seen in it has been eighteen and older. After these pics from April is a short clip from the 'Keyakitte, Kakenai?' show. Manaka to me seems to be the funniest member and she takes a stab at playing the recorder which is what they call that in Japan. It's real easy to find so many videos of Manaka on YT from that show.

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