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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mizuki Yamamoto: Even more recent happenings....

 Finding myself really getting into Mizuki more than ever lately, this is her third post in the last few weeks and bet(hope) there will be another three before the end of the month. Mizuki is really such a nice change form all of the Idols I post about as she seems so down to earth. She's also quite a smart woman as she received a degree in 2014 from Meiji University. Plus back in 2009 Mizuki won the first ever 'Tokyo Supermodel Contest' which was put on by the Cancam magazine.
 Mizuki has really been a busy woman since then as she's appeared in so many dramas and films and has also been in high demand as a model. The lead roles were zero for her until last Autumn when she had the co-lead in the film "Girls". Now Mizuki will have her first solo leading role in a major film coming out in two weeks which is "Peach Girl".

 As you can see in the top pic Tsubasa had the other leading role in the film. After winning that modeling contest back in 2009 Mizuki signed to Cancam to be an exclusive model. These days she doesn't appear in the mag as often but here are plenty of recent pics from the magazine's site.

 Don't know Mizuki finds the time to sleep, besides the dramas and films she also appears at so many promo events as who wouldn't want a face like that to promote their product?! As mentioned she's also high in demand as a model and here are some terrific pics from Hanabi which is a woman's clothing site.

 Here's a name you'll be hearing quite often in the future and that's Mei Nagano. She has one of the big roles in the 'PG' movie and also has at least three more films coming out this year with huge parts in all of them, have really been noticing her seemingly everywhere recently.

 Those two pics are from yesterday's first screening of the "Peach Girl" film, you'll also see Mei in a few pics with Mizuki who looks so fabulous in them. She'll be turning 26 this July, hopefully this is her last role as a high schooler. 'Peach Girl' is a very popular manga, personally read 3-4 of the volumes and didn't find it that interesting but perhaps the film will be.
 The movie officially opens on May 20th, perhaps we'll see another screening or two then in the next ten days. There was no good video of the event on YT but there usually isn't for screenings, will definitely have at least one post for the premiere. There's no long trailer for the film but have one of the shorter ones after the pics.

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