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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #33

 Will let you know on Friday how the member's photobooks did last week. For the last two weeks Misa has been #1 on the Oricon charts and lets see if she can't make it a hat trick this week. Many fine looking pics in the PB but would have really enjoyed seeing more pics like this one which was from the group's last book.

 What's been kind of surprising is the semi disappearance of Hinako. She has her first PB coming out next month but we've see so little of her lately except at the recent 'Girls Awards' show. She used to be among the best bloggers yet hasn't done an entry since April 27th. You'd think with her first book coming out soon Hinako would be appearing in so many mags to get some anticipation for it, it's worked for the other members. That sadly hasn't been the case though but there's still time to start on that momentum as the PB still has a month to go before it's released.

 Nogi's 17th single "Influencer" will sell a million copies but it make take a little longer than we were thinking. Last week it fell to the 29th position on the charts selling 2,800 copies. That brings the grand total to 987,767 so four more weeks like that and they'll finally hit the seven figure mark.

 Plenty of mag pics today though as usual there aren't too many mags but a lot from most issues. Manatsu's first PB has continued to sell well and it re-entered the top en last week for sales as it's sold close to 50,000 copies so far. She's up first with this fine set from the May 25th edition of Weekly Shonen Champion.

 It's true that all the Undergirls want to be promoted to the ranks of a Senbatsu member. But they really don't have it too bad or at least compared to the Undergirls in the '48' groups. Most of Nogi's have radio shows, they appear in quite a few mags, have their own solo concerts and attend many promo events. Guess allowing them to stay in the semi spotlight means the members stay which is true as there really hasn't been a lot of turnover within Nogi even after five years.
 Up first are a pair of UGs with one being Rena Yamazaki, she's been in many more mags over the last year. This Sunday which is the 21st she'll be celebrating her 20th birthday. Pairing up with her is Miria who is probably the most popular UG these days and wouldn't be shocked if she's the next member promoted. These superb pics are from the June issue of Bomb.

 Also in that Bomb issue are a trio of third generation members. Yuuki we've seen in so many mags recently but there are two I've never seen appear in a spread before. That pair is Renka Iwamoto who is the youngest Nogi member, the other one is Tamami Sakaguchi.

 I don't think any Idol has appeared in mags more than Asuka has over the last year, her popularity these days is higher than sky high. She has the first four pics here and she's followed by Mai who just may be close to being the most popular woman in Japan right now, these pics are from volume #028 of Larme.

 Have a few blog pics to end off with, except for a few of them the members have really been slipping lately with their entries. Miona hasn't been slipping as these are some superb pics she just posted from her recent photo shoot for the ar magazine. Another member who constantly does a fine job on her blog is Chiharu and they both have five pics.

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