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Monday, May 8, 2017

Fumika Baba: 2017 Magazine scans #3 and more....

 For a while it was hard to keep up with Fumika's mag spreads as she appeared in too many count for about a seven month stretch. She's really slowed down on them as this is her first mag spread post since February but it's not because Fumika has been doing nothing. She was in a play that started on April 20th called "Churaran Shinsengumi Shikisai", it ran until the 30th at the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo and it was her fourth play.
 Fumika is also currently starring in the drama "Final Fantasy XIV- Father of Light", it began on April 16th and it airs on MBS/TBS. Her character is the heroine in the show and her name is Yonuko Shoda, she's also appeared in two 'Kamen Rider series. Pics here are from an interview Fumika did for the drama with VIP Press.

 Just two Fumika spreads for today though they do total 25 pics, don't think anyone has topped her spreads for the last year. Both are brand new with this first one being from the May 15th WPB.

 These are Fumika's first spreads in many months but have a feeling we'll be seeing so much of her again soon. Final set of breathtaking pics are from the May 19th edition of Young Gangan and have one more new item after these pics.

 Fumika has appeared in four web movies since last October titled 'Spring Man' which is based upon a manga. The fourth installment in the series was released on April 20th, this latest movie is called "Wish" and her character is named Nikon. Think it's available for viewing at the Shueisha site, haven't checked yet but they're the company that puts out the movies. They also publish many magazines such as WPB, few promo pics here followed by a short video. If you watch the video on YT it appears as though one of the movies may be there and you can see that on the right side plus there's a few other promo videos.


  1. Just want to ask if you've heard of Nemoto Nagi? She's slowly getting there in terms of mag shoots, actually weird she hasn't gone "viral" like Marina Nagasawa and other 'legal lolis'

  2. Had never heard of her until your comment. Was just doing a bit of checking on her, she's kind of new as she's just been in one drama and film so far. She just turned 18 in March so when she gets a bit older may start posting about her.


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