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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #16

 Sigh, Nanami doesn't appear to be all that happy as Nogi hasn't missed a beat since her graduation and actually could even be more popular in the three months since she's departed. It's true one of main reasons she mentioned for leaving the entertainment field was because of her health problems but deep down have a feeling we'll be hearing from her again or should I say really hope so.

 The 'Umaretekara' album has sod about 328,000 copies so far in it's four days out which easily tops the group's first two albums. Still not in the league a few other J-Pop/Rock groups get but still an impressive number as it was only a year since their second album was released. Seems as though there's been a bit more promoting for this album, three days ago Hina, Kana and Kazumi were at a Tower store promotion.

 'The TV.jp' site which is run by TV Weekly has been having interviews with the third generation members as they've been featured in the eighth season of 'NOGIBINGO!'. Think the total interviews is up to five and today the member at the site was Rena.

 Have some insert pics from the new album and will be adding them in gradually. Today's trio of members are Misa, Himeka and Erika who also has been doing some promoting for the album even though her new stage play opened two days ago.

 Four Nogi members have also started a new campaign with the Stripe Club site which sells women's clothing. The designs are based upon the uniforms they wore for the "Girls Rule" single or at least that's what they say at the site. Was hoping for some CM's but none are out but have some pics from the site with the four members being Hinako, Manatsu, Miona and Rena.

 There was no 'official uniform' for the "Girls Rule" single, top two pics are how Nogi used to dress performing the song though they did on occasion wear a uniform singing it.

 The group are doing new promo CM's for the app game 'Nogi Koi'. Had one of them yesterday featuring Reika, for today we have Nanase who turned 23 two days ago.

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