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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nogizaka46: The 'Mai Shiraishi' post #19

 Perhaps I haven't titled all of them correctly but it seems Mai has many more than 19 solo posts. She's on the verge of becoming #1 here very soon for total posts, kind of hard concentrating on what to say staring at that bottom pic, whewwwwwww.........
 Not sure if this will be a huge post but had a sixteen page spread which all Mai fans will definitely want to view, then again often say a post won't be too big and it ends up having 50+ pics. Mai's "Passport" just keeps on selling, the total sold is a little above 198,000 copies. She should hit the 200 K mark easily next week, that PB could be the biggest selling one of all time.

 Mai has been a co-host of the 'Umazu Kingdom' show for close to four years now, it changed it's name a year ago but is the same show which is about horse racing. It airs on Saturdays but Mai couldn't appear on today's show, think she may be in the group's new stage play though she wasn't at yesterday's event for it. She did send in a short video telling everyone she'll be back next week and that thirty second video is on YT.

 Have some group cards, the ones for April were posted but don't think the ones for May were.

 Last Mai post was for appearance at the May 3rd 'Girls Awards' show. Hadn't posted these concert pics nor the ones that were taken backstage after the show.

 At the show Mai was representing the Ray magazine, she's been an exclusive model for them since 2013. Have kept up to date with her spreads but every month she also has a special fashion entry at the mag's site, first eight pics are from April while the rest are for May.

 Would post some Mai blog pics but she may be the worst Nogi member at updating it as she's done two(!) posts this whole year. Guess we can forgive Mai as she looks tremendous in this spread which was the main reason for the post, this fabulous set of pics are from the May issue of BLT.

 Nogi has a new campaign for 7-Eleven which just started two days ago, will have some more info on that with a video or two tomorrow. The group also has a new one with Haruyama suits, this video is a behind the scenes one. Mai is in about the first minute followed by a few other members.


  1. Best regards from Brazil. I am a big fan of your work and becouse i couldnt find an e-mail adress to convey this mensage, i will post it here trying to be as soon is possible.
    I have an brazilian blog about the 48/46 group named Refúgio 48 (refugio48.blogspot.com) most inspired by the Aitoda blog, the thing is, i really like yours "the --- Post" and the "a few happenings post" and i dont feel like just copying but rather translate to the portuguese and, of course, giving to you all the credits, links and everything need to asure the viewers to acess you blog. What i suggest is if we can maybe be able to make a partnership between the blogs.
    Thank you for your hard work, and the awesome job with those amazing posts.

  2. Hi and thanks for enjoying my blog so much. Was just checking your blog out and if you want to translate things over and do as you say then go right ahead with doing that. Guess for now if you need any help or have any questions you can keep making comments as it's true I don't have a link here to my e-mail.

    1. Thank you, i will make sure to credit you at every time i use any of your posts. If you want to contact me, please feel free to send any messages to:colecionandobits.contato@gmail.com.
      you can also use the contact tab in the blog (named as CONTATO)