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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Risa Watanabe: Magazine scans #1 and more....

 Back in December mentioned that I wasn't going to introduce anyone new starting on January 1st. Actually kept my word on that until a week ago and said it couldn't hurt to have a few new gals around here. Keeps my interest up as I can learn about new actresses or Idols plus sure there's been a few Keyakizaki46 fans who had wanted a few posts.
 Fans of the group have finally been rewarded today as this is the third post and will have many more coming up for the members who are 18 or older. The group's popularity has risen at such an incredible pace, they've only had four singles but their last one has already sold well over 700,000 copies. As most may know they're the sister group of Nogi, for sales comparison their fourth single barely sold over 300,000 copies.

 Risa turns 19 this July so there should be things from the last eight months or so to post about plus without a doubt there will so many future things for her and some other members. Was going to have a few blog pics but noticed she and her fellow members don't do that good of a job keeping it updated.  Back in March Risa was chosen as a new exclusive model for the Non-no magazine, her first appearance will be in June's issue.
 Those above pics were from a post earlier as Risa was one of the 140 women who took a stroll on the catwalk at the May 3rd 'Girls Awards' show. When I saw the way she and some other members looked thought it was time to start the posting for her. Have four mag spreads for today but first these are from a December Modelpress interview for the group's third single "Futari Saison".

 More interview pics and these are ones Risa did for Hustle Press for the new single.

 Have noticed most of the mag spreads Risa and the other members do are quite conservative which is perfectly fine by me as I've been in that kind of mood for a while. Don't know if you can remember but Nogi was the same way with their spreads for 2-3 years, it's when they started to release photobooks that the spreads became much more jaw-dropping. Will be working backwards with these sets and the first one is new from Young Magazine #18.

 The other Watanabe member in the group is Rika, just did a post for her and will have two more on Tuesday which is her 22nd b-day. The pair share this spread which is from Kadokawa Direct #05.

 Going back to last year here's Risa from the December issue of Entame.

 Final set is another December issue which is from EX-Taishu. After these pics you can view a short promo video Risa did for the June issue of Non-no.

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