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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?" drama episode nine recap

 Air Dates: July 16 to October 1, 2016 on TV Tokyo, Saturdays at 12:20 am
 Theme song: "Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai" by Keyakizaka46


 The Adults....

Kyusaku Shimada as Tokuyama, their dead homeroom teacher
Noriko Eguchi as Kanzaki, asst. homeroom teacher
Ryo Iwamatsu as the Principal
Hiroki Konno as the janitor Hashibe
Kazuyuki Aijima as teacher Takemura

 Up until the sixth recap had listed about ten of the members in the above info but now will list all of the Keya members who are in the drama. These are screenshots from the opening credits and in the order the cast is listed, words at the bottom are the drama's theme song. Title of the song is above, it's from the group's second single and it really is one superb tune.

 Like everyone else Keya doesn't have that magic touch to attract drama fans as since day one of this blog they've always been the least viewed posts, even worse than the ones for Juice=Juice. That's okay though as for some reason they do draw more comments plus I enjoy doing recaps for interesting shows like this one. As a matter of fact except for the upcoming third season of "Code Blue" may just only review shorter dramas like this which are 25 minutes an episode.
 This opening scene was rather good but it only lasted for a few minutes. What had happened was that Yurina had fallen asleep at her desk during class and had a nightmare where she was accused of killing their homeroom teacher Tokuyama, some of her dream did happen later on in the show.

 Kind of a creepy beginning and it would have been interesting to see what may have happened if it wasn't a dream. It's now day six of the drama and a full five days since Tokuyama was stabbed to death in the girls classroom. The date is September 26th which is the first time that it's been mentioned, it's a Saturday which means Tokuyama was killed on Monday the 21st.
 At the conclusion of the eighth episode it looked like the school's janitor Hashibe may be the person in charge of the blackmailing. There was a list of the blackmailed people and the mystery of it took up a few episodes so if you're brand new to these recaps may help to read some of the previous recaps. We and the Keya girls thought the principal was the head of the dastardly deeds but it turns out we were all wrong.
 Hashibe must have some pull as the principal was 'fired' overnight or as the new principal Midozono told the class he suddenly 'retired'. She's very suspicious of Tokuyama's disappearance and thinks the girls have a hand in it, she even thinks they may have killed him. A reason for her thoughts is that Midizono told the class that Tokuyama's diary had been found in the staff room, on the morning of his death he was supposed to meet Neru at 7:30 and at 8:00 Yurina.

 Neru had showed up to the meeting though she was a few minutes late, it was her first time at school in months as she once had a bad altercation with Tokuyama. She had been so disappointed in him she had refused to ever go back to school. That meeting only lasted a few minutes and Neru told him she would be returning to school, we're not sure why she changed her mind so quickly. Tokuyama's death took place between 7:50 and 8:10 am, right when Yurina was supposed to meet him.
 Yurina claimed she had no meeting with Tokuyama and she was being set up. Later on in the show she had the evidence for that as the diary was a fake and it wasn't Tokuyama's handwriting in the diary. Not sure why the new principal tried that trick unless she was ordered to by Hashibe but shortly after that we don't see her again.
 One mystery did get cleared up and that was with a second camera. For the last few episodes we've have had the feeling there was one and as usual Yurina's detective skills paid off. She found the first camera that Tokuyama had hidden in the AC unit, now Yurina had found the second one in a clock at the front of the room. She confronted Hashibe with her discovery, he did admit planting it but never truly explained to her what his reasons were though at first it may have been to find the list which was such a key part of this drama.

 Good thing I take a lot of screenshots as there was a very important happening I almost forgot to mention. Before the new principal Midozono left the room she started checking a few of the girl's lockers hoping to find anything that pertained to Tokuyama's disappearance. The girls had been perplexed at where the knife had gone to that had been stuck in Tokuyama for five days, few of the girls said with them moving the body around so much it had to have fallen out of him.
 But to the dismay of the students Midozono found the bloody knife in a locker, is this the evidence she needs to pin a crime on the students? One thing the girls are is quick witted, their high school Cultural Festival was coming up, they told the principal they were planning on having a haunted house and needed a bloody knife for a prop.
 Reluctantly the principal bought their excuse and that's when she left the room for good. Lot of characters come and go, most have been important figures in the story and wonder if we'll see any of them again at the show's conclusion. Not quite the conclusion of this show yet as when the principal leaves all the students turn towards Yurina who they don't think is quite as innocent as she looks.

 All of the other girls are getting a bit suspicious of Yurina as certain things just aren't adding up to them. How is it that she's the one who found the two cameras, she's also the one who had found the blackmailing list. But it was more than those things, Yurina has always been the one to make the plans and seems to be able to talk her way out of many potentially troubling events.
 The other girls, led naturally by Risa, begin to suspect that Yurina is using them as pawns to cover up for the killing of Tokuyama, a killing they begin thinking was done by Yurina. Back to the diary and this was the scene where she explained how it was fake, she knew Tokuyama's handwriting and style, there was no way he wrote their names in that diary for any meetings. For now at least the other girls believe her but sooner or later they need to find the real killer, there's been numerous suspects so far but all have been a dead end.
 No cliffhanger to end off this episode, Yurina had confronted Hashibe about the camera he had hidden in the clock. He told her he's not the murderer and also wants to find out who the culprit is. Yurina though didn't bring too much up about if he had watched the camera's videos, someone must have as Tokuyama's body has been moved and someone knows about the secrets going on in the classroom. Hashibe also admitted he wasn't the person who deleted twenty minutes of video off the camera Tokuyama had hidden, during those erased minutes was when the stabbing occurred.

 My brain was a bit scattered for this recap as you may have noticed, seemed to jump around too often between scenes. Probably doesn't matter all that much as all of the major details are there or at least most as I don't want to give away every little thing in case a few are tempted to view it.
 So far would recommend it, if you're debating whether to watch this I would say go for it as it's been a superb view up until the tenth episode. The recap for that episode is the next post and hopefully my brain won't be as scattered but these days that's normal for me.

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