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Friday, May 19, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #34

 Much smaller post than usual but makes no sense holding on to the pics plus like to update the photobook sales figures each Friday. Once again Nogi dominated Oricon's top ten list for books though the sales were so much lower. For the third week in a row Misa was #1, she's #1 to many of us though every week!
 The PB sole 3,576 copies which is a low number, that'll usually get you seventh place or so on a normal week. Mai was in second place and looks like she'll crack the 200 K mark next week, that may be the first time an Idol has done that. Her book sold 2,994 copies while Asuka was in sixth place but her book only sold 868 copies.

Mai 'Passport'- 198.385
Asuka 'Shiosai'- 111.162
Misa 'Hanashi wo Kikoka'- 63,511
Manatsu- 'Manatsu no Kiatsu Haichi- 49,705
Nanase 'Kaze wo Kigaete'- 127,171

 Only two mag spreads for this post but there should be more coming up in the next few days. We've really been seeing so much of the third generation  members lately. seems as though they've appeared in more mags than even the first generation members these last two months. Of those new members Mizuki is by far the most popular and has appeared in more mags than anyone else. But not far behind her is Yuuki Yoda, the pair is joined here by Riria Ito, the trio also has the cover for the June 7th of Weekly Shonen.

 Nanase has been an exclusive model for the Non-no magazine for about three years now. She appears in all of their issues but her set of pics for July were her least amount in a very long time. The mag usually has a promo video for their editions but am at their YT site right now and there's none for July yet so have Nanase's promo video for their June issue.

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