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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" drama episode five recap

 Start Date: May 17, 2017 on NTV, airs Thursdays at 1:00 am for ten episodes

 Through every episode the only characters have been the 21 Keya members in the show. All will probably have an important moment at least once in this ten episode drama so will list all of the members who are starring in the series. These screenshots list all of the characters along with their student number, these are from the final credits while Keya's tune "Eccentric" was playing.

 Thought that may make it easier for you to keep track off, can always change it in future posts such as have all 21 names written in order and may do something special at the show's conclusion.
 Up until now have always done two recaps in a row for both of Keya's dramas. However episode six hasn't been subbed yet, sure it'll be done but no clue when. They're being done by the folks at the 'ukn48' site, the subs have been perfect up until now and perhaps they needed a breather.
 We ended off the exciting fourth episode with a mini cliffhanger, the students had spent the night in the school's cafeteria when they started to wake up to the smell of....

.... food! That's been the only thing on the girls mind since the previous night, especially #17 Yuzuki(Yurina) who is such a fanatic about food. When they had first entered the cafeteria a little after midnight there was a table of food but it was just a sick joke as it was just plastic. Due to them being famished plus the fact that it was getting so late at night all of the girls drifted off to sleep.
 But the smell of real food got the girls moving quickly but as usual there's a twist to them getting something. Of course that twist is 'getting likes' from the audience who are viewing them via a laptop, there's been one in all three places they've been. The gals can chow down on the food but first there's just one small task to do.

 It's not that small of a task as in the first shows they only needed to get 10,000 likes and obtaining them was quite difficult. There's no guards in the room nor does there appear to be any kind of trap so I had been thinking why don't the students just start eating the food? That question was quickly answered by Yuzuki as usual.

 That means if they all grab for a tray of food someone is going to get shut out as there's twenty in the cafeteria. That brings up a mystery which hasn't been discussed since it happened. There were 21 students, when they had made their trek to the cafeteria #2 Erena(Yui I.) was missing. The girls noticed she was missing but it hasn't been talked about since then which is very odd, would think it may have thrown some terror into them.
 But even if all of the girls are able to get 20,000 likes someone won't be able to eat anything except for a glass of juice. Up first to try to get the audience to give her likes was #18 Koto(Akane). We see some flashbacks for her throughout the show, at one time she had the potential to be an ace tennis player but that chance slipped by and the main reason was her vicious temper.
 For the first four episodes we hadn't seen much of Koto, to the other students she was an enigma. Her attempt at getting likes was a dismal failure as she received just 640 of them. Koto had quite an outburst at that, she then revealed to everyone the size of her temper and it was better to stay away from her which most did.

 Unlike the previous show in the music room the girls will be able to have as many attempts as possible to reach 20,000 likes. Following Koto's failure all of the other girls went up and also tried to do some gags. Have to figure it's a bit after 7:00 am right now as the audience who are watching them have slowly been getting up.
 There were still some bombs in the gags but out of the twenty who tried twelve were somehow able to clear the 20,000 likes mark. When you're in a cafeteria there aren't many options of what kind of activity to do that will please an audience. One of the gals who passed was Yuzuki's best friend Miko(Neru) who didn't say anything to her when she started eating but Miko seemed to be making slight digs at her as she kept saying how delicious the food was.

 You can see Yuzuki's back turned to Miko in that bottom pic, she had thought to herself that she's done with her. Still no idea though if the twelve girls who were able to eat can leave the cafeteria yet, it appears not but think they're enjoying eating in front of the gals who can't. But never say die is the student's motto as the eight remaining hungry gals step in front of the camera and try again.
 For most this second chance paid off as the audience really seemed to enjoy the gags and mini skits the girls did. However not all were that well liked as six of the eight received the 20,000 likes, left behind right now are Koto and Yuzuki. It's going to be a race too as there's only one tray of food left for the two students.
 Prior to the eight taking the second chance at getting likes Yuzuki had asked the girls to share with the person who wouldn't get a tray of food. None of the girls had given a definite yes or no, think Yuzuki asked that as she knew that she would be the student left with no food.

 None of the gags were overly funny or at least humorous enough to warrant 20,000 likes. Been noticing that the audience, who are supposed to be cruel, have taken a liking to most of the students and give them likes. They're probably also curious what will happen next and whether eventually anything drastic or violent will happen.
 So now it's just down to Yuzuki and Koto who goes up next for one more attempt. To me she bombed again but the audience really enjoyed her act and she was able to get the 20,000 likes. That was to Yuzuki's dismay who is so hungry she would sell her soul for one bite of food. She pleaded with Koto to give her some of her food which didn't go over too well with her. However Koto thought back to her tennis playing days and an incident that happened, for a brief moment her heart obtained some kindness and she gave Yuzuki a bowl she said didn't appeal to her.

 The first four episodes we saw Miko and Yuzuki together quite often. The pair have been best friends since they were very young, don't think any of the other students have been friends with each other prior to be enrolled in this still unnamed school. In this show the pair have little to say to each other, Yuzuki is a bit steamed that Miko was able to get enough likes and enjoy her food.
 Miko didn't share any of it with Yuzuki which really made her mad and think she wants to end their friendship. But in Miko's favor she had finished her food before Yuzuki's final attempt at getting likes, if Yuzuki is going to be mad it should be at herself for failing three times.

 As you can see there's another challenge that's about to begin once the girls finish eating which happened about a minute later. The doors to the cafeteria opened, there's no guards around so everything must be controlled electronically. The new instructions for now were to head to the school's gymnasium, the girls all figured it would be to once again collect likes.
 That could still happen but the girls, the audience watching them and us viewers didn't expect what's about to happen in the gym. The twenty girls all gather in the gym with the doors quickly closing behind them. They hear a noise and on the other side of the gym was a bloodied man trapped in a cage but at least he was alive. Not just any man as it was the girl's teacher, he was able to plead to his students to save him which is where the episode ended.

 Finally an intense and suspenseful moment, really made me want to watch the next episode. Obviously it's going to be up to the teacher's students to save him, could it be that the girls will now have to get 100,000 likes or so!? Don't know but can't wait until I watch episode six, when the subs are done for it will be back quickly to give the recap of the show as it's set up to possibly be the best show to date.


  1. Aww i was hoping for someone to break the rule and just eat the food. Everybody seems to be pretty obedient with the game so far. Really curious tho on WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO #2!!? Aand that teacher looks pretty suspicous~ i got ma eye on you sir. hmm looking at the last pic, are we...missing anyone?

  2. Hard to tell if anyone is missing in that final pic though I do count only 17 students. That #2 going missing could have been an interesting storyline, did she commit some sin and if so was she taken away and punished?
    You are right about the students being too obedient, almost seems like they're brainwashed at times. The thing that's disappointed me a bit is the audience, thought they were supposed to be cruel. But so far except for a few comments they're been too nice to the girls.

  3. Oh i counted 18, i think there's someone behind the 8th person(left to right) but who knows. If there's 18 then it looks like a pattern. So far they've been in 3 rooms going on to the 4th,
    1-2 0 missing
    2-3 1 missing
    3-4 2 missing...
    if there's 17 then...(sigh)
    I know right! the cruelty just gets overshadowed. I do have a feeling tho that #2 actually broke a rule(some hidden rule) in between when they leave the music room up to when they find the light to the cafeteria. Another thing is the person who fell from the upper level i think in the first ep. So far they've just been going downstairs i think, so maybe there's something going on up there. Getting pretty excited tho for the next ep despite the questions haha

  4. Surprised the sixth episode hasn't been subbed yet, can watch it without them but may miss too much. Popped in my mind as I started writing this which is that #2 being in that box all bloodied up would have been interesting, if the girls couldn't get the 'likes' in a certain amount of time her life would be snuffed out which is what's probably what's going to be happening with the teacher.

  5. ohhh bro that would've been awesome, a nice change of pace if it was her coz i really don't give a damn bout the teacher. ANYWAYS I SAW I MIZUHO POST!! haha gon go check it out

  6. That teacher I don't care about at all either, have the feeling he could be part of the mysterious group. Perhaps I should be a drama writer, what would be so cool was about #2 being in the glass box. Would have been terrifying to the students if there was a hose that slowly filled the box with water, if they couldn't get a certain amount of likes within an hour then #2 would drown or even #3 now who is missing.