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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nogizaka46: "Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume" CD pics part one

 Big decrease lately for Nogi posts and it's not that I don't want to do them but there's been so little happenings recently with the group with is very rare. Not that they're not busy but usually Nogi has been the busiest J-Pop group around for the last 3-4 years, with the new single coming out in two weeks thought we'd be seeing too much of them. Doesn't seem to be as big of a buzz for the "Nigemizu" single as other ones, think a few fans may be disappointed with the Senabtsu lineup plus the new song isn't among their better ones.
 Have posted five member's pics from the CD but they were just thrown in here and there and five out of 46 members is just a drop in the bucket. So will have three posts for all of the pics, there's three each for the members. No order to the posts as the Senbatsus and Undergirls will be mixed together but will have a separate post for the third generation members.
 This is Nogi's third album which was released exactly two months ago. It naturally ranked #1 on the charts in it's first week out selling 342,400 copies. Sales remained steady for a while but have dropped off which is to be expected. Sales for week eight were 1,936 which brings the total to 399,900 copies sold, no doubt they've gone over 400 K.
 Enough blabbering, two more posts with album pics will be coming up but let's hope there's some posts first for new happenings. Have a total of sixteen members for today and they're in blocks of four. First quartet features the perfect Misa followed by Himeka, Erika and Nanase.... this foursome could be the best group out of all of the pics, whew....

 Have taken the subway before though there are none where I'm from, never recall female passengers looking like Nogi members do!!!! Second foursome consists of Asuka, Miona, Manatsu and Sayuri.

 Hinako leads off this set and has she ever disappeared. Seemed in the second half of 2016 her popularity was rising faster than any other member and then all of a sudden we rarely see anything from her these days. She's looks much more vampy than usual in these pics but you can say that about most of the members in these sets. Other three joining her are Mai whose pics may be the best of any member, there's also Reika and Chiharu.

 Kotoko is an Undergirl who I've really liked over the years, her main problem is that she's way too shy and quiet but when she does have the spotlight she's such an interesting person. Actually being shy and quiet is the problem for a few other Undergirls too, perhaps that's why they've remained an UG for so long. Following her is another UG who is Ranze, actually she just got demoted after being a Senbatu member for one single. Final two gals for this post and Minami and Yumi.

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