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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Keyakitte, Kakenai?" episode 88 recap

 Haven't seen a ton of these shows so it could have been the first time all the members were there though didn't notice Yurina on it. Don't think I've seen the first show but you would think all 34 members would have appeared on that show though could be wrong with that thought. Was thinking about doing episode one for the third season of 'KeyaBingo!', may do that tomorrow or do the first two shows back to back. Theme for this show which aired on July 16th was....

.... actually the better title is 'This Is Something I Cannot Do'. The seven members selected had to divulge to us what kind of huge fear they have, bit of a so-so theme which has probably been done by AKB or Nogi.
 Lot of Hiragana members were featured, think it's time management started giving them a bigger push. But leading off with her fear was Minami, really starting to take a liking to her lately and think I recently did a solo post for her. What terrifies her is watching people eat tomatoes in public, some of these fears have you shaking your head.

 There was a psychologist who supposedly was calling in from a restaurant, his name is Amon. He tried to help the members with their fears though in a somewhat humorous way, undecided if he's a real doctor and was just joking with the gals.
 When Minami sees people eating tomatoes she truly freaks out and has to run away. The doctor thinks it could have had to do with her watching Zombie movies when she was little. That wasn't quite the answer everyone was looking for but it actually was a bit close to the truth, some of the answers Amon gave had you wondering if he was on his tenth pint at the restaurant.

 Up next was the Hiragana member Ayaka who we saw briefly in the previous show. her fear if it can be called that is listening to velcro, you should be shaking your heads in disbelief by now. Something about the sound of velcro breaking apart sends Ayaka into a frenzy. Granted it's not the most pleasant sound but there are much more things in the world to be fearful of.
 Most segments weren't all that funny though this one did have some good moments. Unfortunately Doctor Amon wasn't much help, he thought the fear started when she was younger and pulled scabs off. That was nowhere near why she has the fear and actually she never told us why though she did say after the experiments the hosts did on her it's not as bad.

 Up next was a duo who hated clowns. It wasn't a duo at first, Yuuka had mentioned that her ultimate fear is clowns. Guess that takes Nao out of the running for a date with her as most here feel he is a clown. 😵 Right after her announcement from the other side spoke up Kumi who also has the same fear of clowns.
 Yuuka said her fear of them had started at the circus when she was younger and has gradually gotten worse over the years. Kumi didn't exactly explain why she doesn't like clowns, she was a bit too quiet during this segment. To help cure the pair there were some photoshopped pics of Sawabe and they gradually added to his face to see what part of the makeup is the most terrifying.
 Seems that when the makeup was added to the mouth is when the girls become much more frightened. Don't know why that would be but perhaps Amon can explain it in medical terms. He thought that a clown is usually someone we think who is nice and funny, perhaps in their past they met a clown who was the opposite. Because of that incident since then they've had this fear of them. He was a bit close with his answer, the girls didn't say he hit the answer on the button but close enough to make him look knowledgeable.

 Like I mentioned this was just a so-so show but we're halfway done. The previous show was quite enjoyable as it featured an eating contest between five members. For the second time Mao won the competition, she's now referred to 'Bottomless Pit Mao'! She made a return appearance and it's nice to see more of her. You wouldn't think she'd have any fears as she could probably just eat them away but what horrifies her is falling asleep in class.
 Mao says she's had this problem for many years, what makes it worse these days is that she's now a college student. Perhaps if we put all of the college students between Keya and Nogi together we'd have the makings of fine subgroup.
 The less than esteemed Doctor Amon told her she dozes off in class because she's not interested in the subject. She said that wasn't true but there's no arguing with a quack so it appears as though her bottomless pit may need to start consuming large quantities of caffeine. She was also talking something about a stalker who wasn't one, really threw us viewers and members for a loop.

 Never see enough of Neru on these shows, to me she's one of the more interesting members. Another odd fear for a member, shall we change the group name to The Odd Fears? Neru's horror is looking at the patterns on a bar of soap, can't think of many that don't have them. Neru brought up some old Japanese history as she referred back to the Jomon Age which was a long, long time ago and how they carved faces as a rite of passage.
 Not all soap bars are terrifying to Neru but the ones that really scare the pants off her are bars that have faces or some other kind of drawing on them. For once Amon may have figured out a problem, waitress may have been busy filling someone else's pint mug. He referred back to Neru's comment about the Jomon Age and how carvings can affect a person. He also talked about her disliking being labelled which she said was totally correct, she said his observations were perverse.Third pic down Nanako is on her left, she has the most unique eyes when she's talking serious with someone.

 Last member to be featured was Rika Ozeki, hate to admit it but was hoping for the other one. Her fear is shrimp in sawdust and can see how that would make many uncomfortable. Personally can't recall ever seeing that before, perhaps that's something you just see in Japan. A box of shrimp was brought out, they were buried in sawdust but all were alive and there were quite a few of them in the box as Rika ran around the studio screaming. Not much Amon could comment about this phobia as most people would also be disgusted looking at live shrimp in sawdust.

 Just a mediocre show but it was enjoyable enough and still better than most AKB or Nogi variety shows. Watched ten or so of these shows and for some reason Risa is never featured in a solo segment, her b-day is in four days so perhaps they'll be dedicating the next show to her.
 This brings us up to date with the episodes though one is airing tonight. Will try to make this a weekly feature along with 'KeyaBingo!' and hope to have a recap for episode one tomorrow.

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