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Monday, July 10, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Akane Moriya post' #2

 Think for future posts may have to make them 'pairs posts' with Yuuka, the two of them are together doing almost everything. But Akane's fame is also growing outside of Keya as she also has a few other acquaintances!

 Then again wish she didn't have so many others who adored her, just as I was finally about to confess my feelings to her someone beat me to the punch, sigh.....

 Guess we'll have to stick with solo pics and to me Akane is coming close to being the most attractive gal in Keya, well then again it's going to be impossible to top who's currently there.

 Not enough solo things today, think I may have done too many of them for Akane's first post. It doesn't happen these days but when Keya first formed she was one of the members who was kind of hidden away. These are from the August 21, 2015 press conference to announce the members.

 Pics here are from a press conference held on December 7, 2016. At it was the announcement that Keya would be appearing on the NHK 'Kohaku' show that is broadcast on December 31st. Also at the event they won a special award for being the best 'New Face of the Year' which was a Yahoo award for the amount of searches done for the group.

 On to some newer pics, in the 'Zankoku' drama Akane has one of the better characters. Her name in the show is Koto and she's kind of a grumpy gal but then again most of the students are. Koto did show a bit of a nicer side in episode five as she was the only one to give Yuzuki some food.

 That question of 'Where's number 2?' still hasn't been answered yet. Not many mag spreads for this post but do have a few at the bottom featuring 'Aozora no Marry'. One new spread as Akane has the cover of the July 21st issue of Young Gangan.

 That above pic certainly makes the word perfect obsolete! Never enough Akane solo spreads but as mentioned think I had too many of them in her first post. Have to go back to December for this set which is from Big One Girls.

 Plenty of ultra superb Akane 2016 pics from the Hustle Press site, every member has too many interviews to count there. First ten pics are from September while the rest are from October.

 On to some tidbits for the Keya subgroup 'Aozora no Marry'. Hard to find videos of them on YT but will be looking for one as I'm posting these pics and there's plenty of fabulous ones. The subgroup has their second tune coming out on the new album, they also had another song though Akane didn't sing on it. This is a brand new spread of the five gals promoting the new song and it's from WPB #30, title of the song is "Koko ni Nai Ashiato", Was looking at the titles of the sixteen new songs and there's some pretty cool names for the songs.

 Here's another fine set for the fivesome which is from the September 23, 2016 Young Animal. Won't post any of their videos, searched quite hard at YT. There's one from the 'AKB Show' which has no audio. There's another from a concert, the camera work on the tune they perform is just so horrible. So have a video below from June 16th as Akane and Yuuka hosted 'Showroom'.

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  1. oh ok nao nao you taking it TOO FAR NAO!! THOSE LAST 2 SPREADS ARE TAKING IT TOOOOO FAR. I'm getting bullied over here! I just survived the strawberries! One word best describes those pics...legs!