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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #9 and more....

 Those are from last year's 'Idol Fest' which took place on August 14th. Haven't heard if Keya will be doing any upcoming concerts but you would think they would as their first album is coming out in less than ten days. Few days ago was viewing their first 'One Man Live Show' which was aired on December 25th. The gals too put on an entertaining show, kind of wish they would perform more.
 On the new album the Aozora to Marry subgroup will be having a new song which is titled "Koko ni Nai Ashiato". The fivesome has had a few other B-side songs, their "Wareta Smartphone" tune on the last single is perhaps my fave J-Pop song for this year so far and to me it's Keya's best song. This is a promo pic for the new song, this quintuple could perform for me at any time....

 As you may know Nogi announced the centers for their upcoming single, it's a double center once again but with two new third generation members. With Keya's new album coming out soon we probably won't see a new single until September but the album does have sixteen new songs. Would like to see Keya do something different on their next single, perhaps also having two centers and there's no doubt W-Watanabe would be the perfect choice.

 Will have some more solo posts coming up soon, think the first one will be for Akane who has really been standing out to me lately. She has a new mag spread for Young Gangan and she also graces the cover, Manaka is also someone who deserves a few more solo posts.

 Before the mag spreads have some blog pics from July 6th. On that date Keya's Undergirls who are named 'Hiragana Keyaki' performed a concert at Zepp in Nagoya. They've been doing some concerts here and there the last few months, they'll have plenty of new songs on the album.

 On to the mag spreads, just three for today but have posted so many of them recently. First off is a pair who looks superb together who are Shiori and Yui from Young Gangan #14.

 It's still going to be a while until Yurina's first solo post, waiting for her age to start creeping up there. However have been posting some of her solo mag spreads in these group posts, she appears in so many that it'd be a shame to ignore them. This set is from Weekly Shonen #32.

 Last are these pics from the August edition of Brody as ten members each had one page. No idea if they all play those instruments but they may, Keya seems to have many musicians in the group or at least many more than most J-Pop groups.


  1. the dance for 'wareta smartphone' is also pretty sexayy

  2. that is one crazy promo pic tho

  3. That promo pic is from a WOB spread, haven't posted it yet but will later in a somewhat solo post for Akane. Would like to include a video of the 'WS' song in a post but can't view the ones on YT due to living outside of Japan. Do have the PV and also a fun version of the tune from the 'AKB Show'.

  4. The struggles haha. There's a site called 'bilibili' maybe you can try there. But everything is in chinese so... good luck (9`・ω・)9

  5. Have been to that site but you can't post their videos here. Blogger is run by Google which also owns YT so they make it easy to post videos from there but not many other places.
    On a side note may disable comments for a few days but will wait until tomorrow or the next day to do it. Really appreciate your comments along with a few others here. But there's this one person from Korea who has been spamming up the comment section with trash, the easiest way to get rid of people like that is to ban comments for a while. I'll just wait until he does it again, they'll just be disabled for a few days as doing that really discourages spammers.

  6. Ahh i see. Ayyy thanks m8, it's always nice to read and comment on ya blog, it's sorta became a daily routine to check it haha. Oh damn that Korean fella. Alrigthy m8. Go get em Tiger!

  7. You can't block anyone from commenting on Blogger but labeled his comments as spam so hopefully that will stop them, everyone will know soon enough.