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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Keyakizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #2....

 Some pics from two Keya concerts that they performed at the Highland Conifer Forest in Yamanashi on the 22nd and 23rd. Surprisingly the venue only held 12,500 fans, think these days the group could sell out a place five times that size. Keya sang twenty songs, as long as they play "Wareta Smartpone" at a concert all is well with the world. My second fave tune from the group is "Noriokureta Bus" which they sadly didn't perform.

 First week sales for Keya's debut album 'Masshirona' were impressive as it sold around 279,000 copies and easily ranked #1 on the Oricon charts. That total beat the sales of Nogi's first two albums, as I've mentioned numerous times it's impossible not to compare the two groups.

 No doubt Yurina's promoting on last week's 'Girls Locks!' show helped sales, Manaka had been a co-host the last two months but wasn't there last week.

 If I'm absent for a stretch that means the first 'Hats Post' is in the works, as someone has pointed out a few times can't top a Keya member who is wearing one....

 Just one new mag spread for today though there are more. Manaka is in a superb new spread that just came out but saving them as she needs another solo post and hopefully that'll be this weekend. The one for today has a stupendous set of pics featuring Minami, she's really zoomed way up on my fave Keya members list as she has this incredible unexplainable aura about her that is, uh, er, ah, kind of hard to explain. 😖 This terrific set where she also has the cover is from the August 4th issue of Young Gangan.

 On July 24th fourteen members were at the Akiba Hall in Tokyo to promote their new app game which is called 'Kon no Kieski'.

 Don't know all of the details of the game but it's one where you can become the group's American manager where you try to make them popular. At the event the members all wore different uniforms which are ones that are featured in the game, they also have the member's voices on the app. However though the event was held yesterday the game won't be coming out until the Autumn so will have more info on it when it's released.
 Plenty of fine looking pics from the press conference, sure all of you know the member's names by now. I finally know all the members just by a nano second glance except for a few Hiragana members. There are a few videos of the event but like too many others don't trust them to remain on YT for too long.


  1. I wonder what they performed with that outfit in the first pic cause that outfit is neat, but seems like it's going to be a exclusive to concerts. Neru's solo '100nen matteba' is my favourite on the album, it's a good morning song or even ending a long day. Goninbayashi's 'Shojou Niwa Modorenai' is 2nd.
    Hats = </3
    Keya girl + Hats = <3
    That's some crazy fair skin Minami has. Skin is fair as hell(well...heaven i guess). You could get blinded if ya shined a light on her \[T]/
    "American Manager" ( ಠωಠ) pfft pffffffft PFFFFFTTT
    haha the last segment of pics show the same thing as your latest post about 3rd gen with the smol member being at the back. Now I'm taller than Mizuho so I feel like if i were to stand there, Rina would just be gone haha

  2. Risa's b-day was today and had wanted to do a post for her but there's been virtually zero new things from her this month, will try to work on one though this weekend. You do have to wonder how they choose where a member stands, would make much more sense having Mizuho in the back row with Neru in the front.
    Speaking of her she's the best member to watch in concert and because she's also in Hiragana she's out there more than anyone else. Have watched their first 'One Man Live Show' from December 25th a few times, Neru does an excellent solo version of "Mata Atte Kudasai".

  3. Oh yeah that's right it was her birthday. you could probably just send us all to the grave with a compilation of pics like what ya did before. y'know, even tho this was in my face the whole time, it didn't really hit me til now. Risa is actually the same age as a few Hiragana members such as Mana and Mei!(well, 'was' coz her birthday came before theirs). Like...they look so different.
    Ooooh is that the live where Yuuka cried during the 'Kimi ga inai' performance cause THAT HIT RIGHT IN THE FEELS! i think that made the song even more better. And that dance choreography they had after 'Otona wa shinjitekurenai'! that was bloody..."AMAZING" \o/ . Neru's solos are great btw and she also seems to be the most hard-working with all those dances she gotta remember.
    oh yeah just a headz up Nao, i'm gonna be preeetty busy on the week days in the coming 2 weeks so i might not be able to comment on your magnificent blog TT but i'll be free on the weekends so expect a ton of comments from ya buddy, Simon :)

  4. There's actually five Hiragana members who are older than Risa, she looks like she should be in her twenties. Will work on something for her but at the point now where I'm caught up with most of their older things and would rather concentrate on newer happenings.