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Friday, July 28, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "KeyaBingo! 3" episode two recap

 Should be a much shorter recap than the first episode, only the 'Hiragana' members were on it and there was just one segment but it took up almost the entire twenty minute show. This season will be different than any other 'Bingo' and that includes the ones for AKB and Nogi. It's a challenge between the Hiragana and Kanji teams, in the first show they had a competition to see who would be on the second episode and Hiragana squeaked out a victory.

 What the episodes will consist of is another challenge and that's to get as many comments from viewers on Line or Twitter. The comments only count when the show is airing so have no clue yet what the total amount of comments Hiragana got for this show. Wouldn't think there would be too many viewers as it airs on Monday night at 1:29 am.
 Neru is the unofficial team captain but she wasn't on this episode, she's the one who had chosen for Hiragana to go first in the competition. Had forgotten but her fave Nogi member is Marika, have to like someone who doesn't go for the obvious choices of Mai or Nanase.

 The gals sat around thinking of an activity that will attract a lot of comments from the viewers who must all be night owls. With no Neru there was the dual captains of Mao and Kumi, along with everyone else they chose to have a dancing marathon for their first show.
 The marathon was going to last for one hour and they had a pair of one minute breaks to guzzle some water and suck on some oxygen. That one hour is straight dancing and the members did it with the two Keya songs "Dare Yori mo Takaku Tobe!" and "Fukyouwaon" playing, the first song is a Hiragana tune from the third single.

 Most of the twelve members were confident in their ability to dance for an hour straight though not everyone thought it could be done. Unknown to the gals at the time was that there were going to be many obstacles thrown in their way or perhaps they did know about it, sometimes you wonder how much of a show is scripted.
 Things were going well the first few minutes as the members were left alone. But first up to make their challenge more difficult was an aerobics instructor. Hiragana had to follow what exercises she did while still continuing to dance to the two songs. These obstacles may not seem like much but they were so strenuous to the gals as they were trying to dance.

 The obstacles or things that were done to make the task of dancing harder were actually called 'Trial Zones'. The aerobics instructor made a few appearances, doing them was much more difficult as time went on. Also it wasn't only people who made dancing tougher but there were also things like a wind machine which really was the hardest thing to overcome.
 Also making an appearance was an officer from the Defense Corps, they had to do the exercises he did though they weren't too tough. There was also a comedian named Chuuhei who came out a few times and the gals had to listen to his very lame jokes.

 A 'Bingo!' show lasts for a little over twenty minutes, with this being an hour marathon much had to be cut out so we only saw about sixteen minutes of them dancing which was more than enough. As the time went on many of the members naturally were getting tired, those pair of one minute water breaks were severely needed.
 Another obstacle thrown in the gals path were balloons, for some reason many members were scared of them though the only thing that happened was that they popped. Don't think there was a clock for the members to look at which was probably a good thing, the hosts Sandwichman would keep them updated on how much time was left.

 Won't go into every single detail that happened but there were two more hardships thrown in the girls way. What actually was a good thing for them is that they were sprayed with ice water, after 40+ minutes of dancing it probably felt like heaven. One other thing was with about five minutes to go the tempo of the songs were increased, the gals had to really step up their pace to follow along. But with less than twenty minutes to go it wasn't as much dancing as it was the gals just tried to keep moving.

 When there was less than ten minutes to go some members were really hurting and it was touch and go whether they could keep dancing, Kumi was the one hurting most of all. But being Hiragana members means the gals have to try a bit harder if they ever want to get promoted and though it wasn't easy all of the twelve members were able to keep dancing until the end.
 When the bell sounded many of them dropped to the ground, dancing or moving for an hour is a lot tougher than it sounded especially with some of the obstacles thrown in their way. Through two shows of this season the Hiragana members have been impressive, Kanji has a battle on their hands.

 Kanji will the participants in the next episode, there was a short twenty second preview of it and it looks to be a very fun show. On the third episode is when we'll learn how many comments Hiragana picked up at the two media sites, appears we'll always know the number on the next show.
 Wouldn't mind seeing the Hiragana members win, it's been good to get to know them better as we don't see them on Keya's two dramas. Don't think any individual appears in too many mags or at events so will be working on some group posts for the members. The subs get done fairly quickly for this show so should be back about the same time next week with the recap for the third episode.


  1. Oooh i betcha that you replayed that preview many times haha. There are quite a bit of Japanese jokes out there that don't seem to be funny yet everybody's laughing at it and i'm sittin 'ere goin 'wot?'

  2. Have noticed on many of these variety shows Japanese comedians are anything but funny, bet the members are kind of ordered to laugh.