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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" drama episode six recap

 Start Date: May 17, 2017 on NTV, airs Thursdays at 1:00 am for ten episodes

 Through every episode the only characters have been the 21 Keya members in the show. All will probably have an important moment at least once in this ten episode drama so will list all of the members who are starring in the series. These screenshots list all of the characters along with their student number, these are from the final credits while Keya's tune "Eccentric" was playing.

 Thought that may make it easier for you to keep track off, can always change it in future posts such as have all 21 names written in order and may do something special at the show's conclusion.
 Bit of a funny incident happened earlier today trying to get this episode. Went to the 'ukn48' site which has been doing the subs for this drama. However they may have taken a breather as it was a while between the fifth and sixth episodes being subbed. This episode wasn't done when I first went there, waited twenty seconds, hit refresh and it had been uploaded just like that! It was nothing earth shattering but just kind of found it humorous how it worked out.

 The fifth episode ended with the twenty students entering their fourth room which was the gymnasium. Upon entering it almost immediately they discovered their bloodied teacher Hatada was in a glass box. I'm only going to repeat some if the things he said but to be honest I don't fully believe everything he's told the girls and a few of them are also a bit leery of him.
 Once again during the travels to a new room a student has disappeared. On the way to the cafeteria #2 Erena(Yui I.) was nowhere to be found, for some reason the girls didn't seem too concerned she was no longer there. This time during their journey to the gym #3 Nagisa(Rina) is also nowhere to be found. For some unexplained reason their teacher knew about her disappearance, like the first student to vanish the girls don't seem to care too much. Except for one pair none were friends before coming to the school, that could be a reason for them not caring what happened to their fellow classmates.

 Those above are the nineteen students left. Hatada had told the girls that the teachers had also been locked in the school and he is probably the last one left. There was a group of them that tried to escape, half went down one hallway while Hatada went another way with the other half. The group of teachers he was with are all perished, he somehow survived despite being thrown off the school's roof. We saw a brief few seconds of that in the second episode but was it really him?
 Also what happened to the other half of the teachers is unknown, they could have escaped but the odds say they're probably dead too. So now the situation is what is to become of Hatada and the remaining students. We didn't have to wait that long to learn as the next challenge is flashing on their screen, this time the goal is to get 300,000 likes if they want to save their teacher.

 You'd think it was a no-brainer that the girls would be moving as fast as they could to save their teacher. That's not the case though as Hatada wasn't well liked by the students except for one. The students sat in a group and were debating for a while whether to save him or not.
 To Hatada's rescue came #12 Misora(Miyu). She kept going around to the students and was pleading with them to help her get the 300,000 likes. Most of the students though were still a bit suspicious of their teacher, plus they silently may have been wondering why Misora was trying so hard to save him. Well, the answer to that was told to us viewers though the students are still in the dark, the reason for her trying so hard to save him was because....

 .... what?!?! Yes, as hard as it is to believe Misora somehow had a huge crush on Hatada while the other twenty students disliked him so much. He was a bit of an egotistical person, he thought everyone in the world loved and respected him which was the farthest thing from the truth. In class the girls would make fun of Hatada, that is except for Misora who remained quiet in her seat as her love kept growing by leaps and bounds.
 Misora even asked Hatada out one time, the pair went to view a movie. At the cinema Misora confessed her love to him, to his credit Hatada tried to dissuade her from having those feelings and said he would set her up with a friend of his named Simon. Everything Hatada said had no effect on Misora, to this moment she's still blindly in love with him and it's hard to tell you why.

 Finally the students became united in saving Hatada thanks mainly to #17 Yuzuki(Yurina) who didn't have as much of the spotlight this show as in the previous five episodes. The only thing the girls thought of to accumulate 300,000 likes was to jump rope, they said they were going to do it until they could jump it 100 times in a row.
 One thing I'll talk about more in the future is the audience watching the students via the tablet in the rooms. There may be some connection between them but that's unknown for now. It's a varied audience as one is a housewife, there's a college student, part time worker, director of a company, etc. The time now is after 10:00 am which will hurt the girls trying to get so many likes, a huge amount of the viewers following them are at school or work and won't be around to give them likes.
 Will give the girls an A+ for effort but their attempts weren't that close to hitting a hundred. Each of them made a mistake but more often than not it was Yuzuki. Hatada though made a suggestion which was to have a different order plus to have the tallest two gals, #7 Ikumi(Yui K.) and #15 Runa(Mizuho) swing the rope. That seemed to have helped as the girls now went over fifty twice and in the final attempt we see it looks they're finally going to hit the hundred mark.

 Will let you know in a few moments how that turned out, thought it turned out to be the best part of the show. The only pair of students who were friends before entering the school were Yuzuki and #14 Miko(Neru). Seems as though their friendship has almost come to an end and it was from the incidents in the fifth episode. In that show in order to eat they had to get 20,000 likes, Miko was able to do that fairly quickly and sat down to savor her delicious meal.
 Meanwhile Yuzuki was unable to get the required likes and wasn't able to eat except for a small portion given to her by #18 Koto(Akane). Yuzuki figured that Miko would have shared her food with her, that didn't happen and Yuzuki thought to herself their friendship is history. Miko didn't know Yuzuki's feelings and tried to stay close with her but there was some definite coldness from Yuzuki.

 Miko had not wanted to do anything with saving Hatada, she thinks he could be a decoy or trap and I agree with her. However she can't get Yuzuki to go along with her, reluctantly she joins the other students in jumping the rope. Getting back to what I started on earlier it looks like the girls are finally going to hit the hundred mark.
 The viewers at home are really pulling for them, why I don't know. They're supposed to be a 'cruel audience', thought they may want to see what happens to their teacher if they don't get enough likes. It appears the girls are finally going to make it, they're at 97, 98, 99 jumps and halfway through the final loop of the rope a student doesn't jump! That student is Miko and you had the impression she would eventually do something. All of the girls, the audience and Hatada were staring in disbelief at what she had done, what is Miko's answer going to be to everyone?

 That's the mystery going into the next episode, while most of the show was good those final few seconds with Miko not jumping was the best part. Still a few questions that haven't been answered, where are the two missing students? How did their teacher know that both were missing? There doesn't appear to be a time limit so are the girls going to try again or perhaps get the 300,000 likes a different way?
 Many interesting possibilities that could happen and perhaps more could be thrown in. Miko has turned a bit mysterious the last two episodes, haven't thought about it until now but wonder if her or someone else could be part of the group who are keeping the students trapped? Had a feeling this was going to be a two episode story and it turned out to be that way, hopefully things get settled in the next show.
 Will be back with that recap when the subs for it are finished, as mentioned above they're being done by 'ukn48'. Prefer doing two recaps at a time, will be doing that for the last two shows but may do one at a time again for the next two episodes.


  1. Si-Simon? m-me!?...YOU FAILED ME HATADA YOU PUNK! I HOPE STAY IN THE BOX! TT...:) Throughout this whole ep, i was still stuck on who's #3 haha had to check it up. Neru is awesome btw. things were going too smooth and BAM! ohhh Neru's startin something. but then again the goal is to get likes, not jump 100 times, had a feeling they were betting on the jumping to get 'em there

  2. That is true, just because they may have jumped a hundred times doesn't mean they would have received enough likes. Maybe her action will force your friend Hatada to reveal all that he knows....

  3. Maybe she wants my number...

  4. Unfortunately don't know your number or could have passéd it on to her later.