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Monday, July 3, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Summer Tour concert pics and cards

 Nogi wrapped up the first two concerts of their 2017 Summer tour yesterday at the Meiji Jungu Stadium in Tokyo. Bit of a break coming up though as the tour isn't starting again until August 11th when they'll be doing 14 more concerts throughout Japan. At yesterday's show there was no news about their 18th single which will be coming out on August 9th, the Senbatsu lineup will be announced on next Sunday's 'Under Construction' show. The center position is a nice honor but with 20+ Senabtasu members it's not as important as being the center of a smaller group, be nice to see someone different get that position though.

 At Sunday's concert Nogi also announced they'll be playing two shows in November at the Tokyo Dome, that arena holds 60 thousand or more for concerts. Fans think at one of the shows we may see a graduation announcement which may not surprise me but hope it doesn't happen. Erika would be at the top of my list as she's so in demand for doing musicals and she may not need the group as much these days. Then again Mai could be the one as she'll be turning 25 next month which is the age when most Idols feel it's getting time to move on, actually hope both stay and sure most of you agree.

 Nogi concerts are quite an entertaining event, at these two shows all of the groups performed. First off the new third generation members had their turn in the spotlight and did many older hits. Up next was the Undergirls, they've had so many tunes on the singles they can just sing their own songs. Will have more info on it soon but think they'll be performing some concerts at the end of the month.
 Finally the Senbatsu members perform, years ago they would lead off and the Undergirls would take the stage for a few songs here and there to give them a breather. All in all forty songs are performed including the encore, noticed on the set list they don't do "Sayonara no Imi" these days for obvious reasons. Both shows sold out, the stadium holds 40,000 for a concert and bet Nogi's management is still counting the money as the group has really become such a yen making machine.

 While back posted these Nogi cards for their Summer tour but in case you missed that post here's an encore of them.


  1. Noticed that the more popular Nogi gets their management becomes much more conservative, seems they don't want to take any chances that sales may decrease. She'd be a good choice, Misa or Kazumi really deserve the honor too. Nothing against Mai or Nanase but think many people may also be wanting to see some different being a center.

  2. Oooops, can't edit once you post a comment. Know who you mean now, at first thought that you meant Himeka. He would make for an interesting center though not many male fans may appreciate him nor I bet many female fans.

  3. haha XD
    yeah it's ultimately business but i'd too like to see someone different as center, Misa is my top pick but i like everyone so idk. Also want some solo songs or duets for other members. Being waiting for the day Reika and Misa make a duet and Mahiro make a solo. Not a unit song coz in the end the voices just intertwine which kinda loses it's touch but hey, that's just me.

  4. Really hope one day they choose Kazumin as center, even a double center would be fine for me...

  5. Kazumi may deserve it more than anyone else, she's really been such a team player over the years. Mai and Nanase aren't going to be around forever so it would be quite refreshing to see a change at the center position. We'll learn this Sunday, have a feeling that Asuka is the odds on favorite for it. Miona would also be a gal I'd like to see, she did have the center for her first single "Barrette" which is one of Nogi's best singles.

  6. Most members think that Mahiro is the best singer, she's also good playing the guitar. Have the feeling her and a few others will always remain an Undergirl. Forget the exact episode number but in season one of 'NOGIBINGO' they had a mini singing contest which she easily won, that's the show where Nanami gets 'dumped' twice by a trap door.