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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Erika Toda: "Code Blue 3" promo event pics and a tad more....

 About a month ago there was another event for the third season of "Code Blue", was hoping there would be many more things to post about the show but that hasn't worked out. They probably don't have to work too hard promoting it as it was such a popular drama and so many fans have been clamoring for another season for seven years now.
 Still want to do a re-watch of the last few episodes from season two but then again was thinking it may not matter. The new show takes place seven years later and all five of the main cast are doing something different. That is except for Erika's character Hiyama who is training new doctors to travel on Doctor Heli.
 Will try do do another Erika post for the show before it begins next week, hoping she'll be appearing in a few mags but those appearances are so infrequent these past few years. This Thursday the main cast will be on the 'Arashi VS' show to promote the new series, they appeared on it promoting the second season and those Arashi shows are usually entertaining.

 There have been some recent TV appearances to promote the drama, both took place last week. Here are some from the "Honma Dekka" show and Japanese shows have way, way too many graphics on the screen.

 Another TV appearance the cast made last week was on a special 'Drama Wars' show.

 Will also do a post later for the other two main female leads who you all know and love. 😍
On July 11th there was another mini event for the drama at the Tokyo Helipad, that's where they film the helicopter scenes. Sadly not enough Erika pics from the event though at least she looks stunning as usual, one more new thing after these pics.

 Erika has been doing CM's for Suntory for at least five years now. She has a new one that came out today, with her in it and many others is Nao Omori who starred with her in the 'Michiru' drama from 2013, that's one highly recommended show.

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