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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nogizaka46: 'NOGIBINGO!' season one episode six.... Kazumi versus Nanami!?

 Oddball sort of post but bet many think most of them here are that way. You could be right but one reason it's a bit oddball-ish is that this episode aired on August 6, 2013. Over the years have referred back to this episode and did again the other day in a comment. But for some reason have never given a recap for it so as the saying goes better late than never. Not my fave Bingo episode but it does have the best segment from any show and it's a shame it only lasted 6-7 minutes.

 As you can see the title of this show was 'Honest Shogi', on AKBingo! they call it 'Liar Shogi'. Surprisingly this is the only time Nogi has used this theme, it's a bit common on AKBingo! or once was. Actually preferred how AKB did it versus this show, AKB members had to get three strikes before they lost a match while for this show it was just two.
 There were three matches on this show but only going to be looking at one of them which was the second of them. The other two were okay but as I mentioned have referred back to this segment numerous times so we'll just be looking back at that one though there are forty screenshots from the six or so minute segment. The rules are fairly basic and here they are.

 As the title says this was a grudge match between my two fave members Kazumi and Nanami. They were best of friends while together in the group, perhaps not so after their battle.

 Always liked Nanami a bit more with her shorter tresses, even if she was bald sure she would outshine just about any woman in the world. Kazumi has really blossomed over the years which is not to say she wasn't attractive four years ago. When she joined Nogi she had a bit of  tomboyish way about her which for the most part is gone now.
 Nanami was up first  as she asked Kazumi such a brutal and cruel question. Kazumi hails from Chiba and back then really had such a deep accent, still does have it a bit though it's not as pronounced. Bananaman brought up the subject on the last 'Under Construction' show and told her it's almost disappeared, that got me thinking about doing this post. Back to the subject and here's the heartless question Nanami asked, she had five prepared before the match.

 There were a few gasps from the audience as many members may have known how much it pained Kazumi to talk about it. Her answer was no but the needle on the lie detector said she was wrong, her way of speaking isn't natural which upsets her at times. It truly upset her here as she started to discuss the way she talked, before you knew it she had broken down in tears.
 There was kind of a hush at the time in the studio as it was so unexpected, none of the members knew how self conscious Kazumi was about her accent and just the general way she talked. Nanami knew though as her meanness finally surfaced, she was nonplussed during this time.

 Looks like she's trying so hard not to roll over in laughter! Back to Kazumi and her sobbing went on for a while, the members were trying so hard to cheer her up. Even the host Ijiri who is usually so quick witted was dumbfounded for a while, this ended up being such a sad situation. However Kazumi is a trooper and she eventually regained her composure, her main mission now was to make sure she defeated Nanami.

 If you've viewed this already then you know how hard it was for you not to have tears, think everyone in the world was rooting for Kazumi to trounce the universe's new number one evil woman, Nanami!

 Er, perhaps not the most evil then as my back is still sore from last night. 😈
 Let's get back to the match as it's Kazumi's turn to ask the evil one Nanami a question. The match is soon to be tied at one as Kazumi hasn't forgotten what Nanami asked her and she too went right for the throat.

 We're all tied up now, next point against will decide the match. Nanami has the advantage as she's prepared her next question, luckily for Kazumi it wasn't as ruthless as the previous one. Perhaps not as cold-blooded but still a question that could jeopardize their dwindling friendship.

 Finally a success as Kazumi was able to thwart for the time being the forces of evil. As Ijiri notes now it's her chance for checkmate, does Kazumi have it in her to defeat the second coming of Lucifer? Not a cruel question but one that still makes Nanami out to be a liar!

 Nanami kept saying that she never looked at 2chan though Marika from the audience chimed in to say she's seen Nanami looking at it on her phone. At that comment the pair had some words, before long will there be anyone(besides me) who will be on Nanami's side? Not much of a punishment as Dr. Frankenstein was at his lunch hour so the penalty was 'shameful makeup'. She was made up to look like an elderly woman from Osaka, we didn't get to see much of it as the this match went on for too long and the next one needed to get started.

 That actually would be a nice disguise for her or any Nogi member, I'd never guess who it was. But the match is now over and it had a fairy tale ending as the forces of good were able to defeat evil. Though she won Kazumi was still a bit upset, she had been consoled by the other members when she took a seat with them.

 Reading this it may not sound like an emotional and evil segment though it really was, you need to view it to get the full impact. It's getting harder to get these older shows, I got this from Daily Motion some years ago as they had the first two seasons subbed there but now they're all gone. They also used to have so many subbed 'AKBingo' shows, unsure if they're still there. Perhaps not as easy to get these days but there is one site which has all of the seasons.
 Not going to recap every episode from this season but perhaps a few more, first few seasons of this show blew away the latter ones. The episode after this one may have been the best and it was a Karaoke battle, I'll be doing that one next then.


  1. 'Bald' hah XD Sorta caught up in which season is my favourite. Ya had the Ijiri surprises in the beginning of the eps, they were younger back then so stuff seemed so fun to watch and also Nagashima Seira was there and she was great

  2. He doesn't do those surprises nearly as often but think he did in the first episode of season eight which really terrified the third generation members. Seira was one of my faves though she was an Undegirl, she may have been in my top five. She hasn't retired though as she's appeared on many variety shows and she may want to become an actress.