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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #25....

 Personally I like how Hello Project picks the Senabtau members for their group's singles. They don't, the groups are much smaller so everyone is a Senabtsu which works out better. Sometimes you have to feel for members who get yo-yo'd around, one single they're a Senbatsu then the next they're demoted back to being an Undergirl.
 Too late now for any changes as the '46/48' groups have been doing it for so long that method is here to stay. If you think about the members don't get that much time, if a Senbatsu lineup has 20 gals for a four minute single that's only twelve seconds each of screen time. Meanwhile C-ute with five members were able to average 48 seconds a member of screen time.

 That's the lineup for Nogi's still untitled 18th single. Bit of a surprise as there's once again a double center though they aren't any long term members but the third generation members Momoko and Yuuki. Guess that's okay as it's nice to see a change at the center position but really thought Mizuki was going to be the first third generation member to get promoted.
 The last single had 21 members, this one has 18 and with the two new additions that means 5(!) members were demoted. Those back to being an Undergirl are Hina and Kana which was probably expected, sadly Yuuri is also one who is back to being an UG. The selection of members was announced on last night's 'Nogi Under Construction' show.
 What doesn't make sense is that Hinako and Ranze are back as Undergirls, both of them are extremely popular these days. Hinako has gone back and forth too often and you have to feel for her. Three times she's been an Undergirl and twice a Senbatsu member. What I don't understand is why Minami and Sayuri M. keep getting selected, neither really contributes that much to Nogi and seems like they keep getting a free ride.

 Above are all of Nogi's current members, they've really grown and it is tough to just pick 18 out of 46. Least with the demotions it means the Undergirls are going to be much stronger, actually thought Miria deserved to be promoted. The single will be released on August 9th, as mentioned there's no title yet and naturally no other promo pics.
 Kind of a smallish post today, this last week has been quite slow for them as this is their first post in six days. But with the new single coming out soon we're soon going to be seeing more of them than is imaginable. One mag spread for today and it's one I can't believe was overlooked as Mai looks fabulous as usual in the June 5th issue of UTB.

 Nanase has so many pics at the Non-no Instagram site, have been getting to them at a rapid pace but bet there's still fifty more at their site after this bunch and these are from May.

 Miona will be in the front row for the next single, perhaps all of the posting I've done for her this past year is paying off. She remains Nogi's best blogger along with Miria, still feel as though she deserved to be promoted as she's really worked so hard plus she's the most popular Undergirl member, each have eight new blog pics here.

 Nogi started a new campaign for Mouse about a month ago, few new CM's were released this past week and here's one of them.


  1. i actually thought Kubo Shiori would be the one coz apparently she has a great voice, saw little snippets of the principal performance, seemed pretty good. i guess popularity wise, yoda is top. still looking forward to the song tho. looks to me like they're tryna pull off a hori thing when she got center position pretty quickly for 'Barrette'. i also feel the same way bout minami. nice to see Marika in senbatsu tho, kinda feel like we didn't see much of her in Influencer

  2. Glad to see Marika make the cut too, had mentioned the problem with so many members is that you can't see enough of them in the videos or when they perform it in concert or on TV. Minami and Sayuri have been Senbatsu members since day one so there's probably no way they would ever get demoted but there are so many Undergirls who are much more talented and bring more to the group.