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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tsubasa Honda: Some recent happenings #2....

 Going to be kept busy for a while catching up on Tsubasa happenings, still no reason for taking such a long break posting about her. But on the bright side that means we'll be having many upcoming posts for her and she's one of the more popular actresses here. Have said a few times and it's still true that if I was to be stranded on a desert island Tsubasa would be the one gal I'd like to be stranded with, hopefully the search boats couldn't find us.
 Tsubasa has a new drama that started on July 19th titled "Wanitokagegisu". It's an extremely interesting and dark drama, have seen the first episode but without subs. The shows are only 25 minutes long so if by chance it does get subbed will be doing recaps for it. Been noticing lately many people say they're going to sub a series but too often it doesn't get started or finished.

 Will have more info about the series coming up as there were some interviews and an event for the drama. On July 19th when the show began Tsubasa did an interview for it on the 'Areya' show. Forgot to mention it in her previous post but on June 27th she turned twenty five.

 Lot of pics for this final new happening. In Tsubasa's last post had some pics of her in Paris on July 7th at the 'Japan Expo' where she was promoting the "Fullmetal Chemist" anime film.

 In the film Tsubasa will be doing the voice of Winry Rockbell who in the anime is about sixteen. Never finished the manga but did read well over ten volumes and did see many episodes of the anime, I thought it was a really cool series but it was a very long one however one worth reading.
 On July 12th Tsubasa and the other main voice actors were at a press conference for the film, shame she didn't dress like Winry! The film isn't coming out until December 1st, seems a bit early to have an event for it which was held at the Piccadilly Theater in Shinjuku. No need to tell you how fabulous these pics are but they are times a few trillion, after them check out a video of the event.

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