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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rika Izumi: Her intro post #1....

 Good to introduce some new blood on occasion and think this may be the best woman we'll have all year. Rika is someone who I've known about for a long time but never paid enough attention to her, knew her first name and that was about it though I've seen her now and again in some dramas. What got me curious about her was her "Rika" photobook that came out in April.
 Nogi members had dominated the Oricon charts for months but all of a sudden they were overtaken from the top spot for best selling books by Rika. The PB hasn't approached the sales figures of Nogi members but has been extremely successful as it was in the top ten for two months.

 Rika is much older than most of the Idols who I post about and that's a good thing. She'll be turning 29 in October but her career the last few years has really taken off. Though I didn't finish the whole series did see her in the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" show that ran in 2003-04, after that she retired for a while to finish her schooling. But Rika returned to the entertainment field in 2008 and as mentioned has never been more popular.

 The last year Rika's spreads have really become much more sultry and judging by her how her popularity has risen guess it's paid off. She has been a model for many years now, I think her regular pics from years ago are just as good as her ones these days. Should have plenty of them coming up in her future posts and think it won't be too long until you're reading her next post.
 Rika's first photobook "Rika" was released on April 11th and zoomed to the top of the Oricon charts. Hopefully that means we'll be seeing another PB very soon from her. There were plenty of mag spreads to help promote the book and here's a jaw-dropping one from the April 27th Young Jump.

  Two more Rika spreads to promote the PB and both are from Weekly Ascii as she was the cover girl for their April 11th and 18th editions.

 Rika appears at plenty of promo events and will have many of them in her future posts as she looks dazzling at most of them. This event here was made me stand up and notice her as she brought the word alluring to a new zenith.
 On May 2nd Rika was at the Shibuya Cast club to promote a new 'Bombay Sapphire' drink. At the event she said her favorite drink was the old standby Sake, here's plenty pf pics from the event and hard to think of any more superlative words to describe her....

 After the event Rika also did an interview with Modelpress for the new drink and also to promote her first photobook. Following these pics you can also view a video of the event.

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