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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Keyakitte, Kakenai?" episode 89 recap

 What's that, a revolution? Ahhhh yes, it's finally time for Keya's first swimsuit episode!!!! Gulp, coming down the runway in a skimpy....


 ....(a very irate Nao) Grrrr, why does that <@&^!*!> alarm clock go off every time a dream starts to become tantalizing, grrrr!!!! Sigh, really thought it would be the first time we saw the members in swimsuits after this opening....

.... as Summer is supposed to mean, ah forget it! 😢 All I know is that there's two members I don't have to worry about doing solo posts for. It does bring up an interesting question, who will be the first member to have a provocative spread ala Mai, Nogi's popularity zoomed once they started doing spreads that left you ga-ga.

 Second time for this theme which is 'Surprise Bag Inspection'. Bit different this time around as the gals pretend they're in an airport, first they go through a metal detector and then put their bag onto a conveyor belt. Any bag that raises suspicion will be checked by the show's hosts Sawada and Tsuchida. There's really no reason why some bags were checked and some weren't, possibly because there isn't enough time on a show for every member.
 Up first was the second half of W-Watanabe who celebrated her 19th b-day on Thursday and that's Risa. Her segment wasn't too long and have noticed that's sadly the case on too many of their variety shows. Her bag didn't sound off any alarms so she was able to proceed without being checked.

 Least the hosts made her feel a tad uncomfortable asking her about her modeling career which is beginning to take off. Up next was Minami who is becoming such a huge fave of mine. Would have liked to seen more of her but once again a member was able to go through the checkout safely.

 The 'safes' don't last for too long as up next is Yuuka who said the kiss of death words, "My bag should be ok". Well it wasn't ok and the hosts have their first chance to inspect a bag. Yuuka is quite a horse lover which you may know as I did one post mainly devoted to that back in June. Going through her bag the hosts didn't find too many interesting things as it seems 95% of the contents were horse related, even a face roller she possessed had an image of a horse.

 On deck was Rina and now it's thee out of four members who have been able to pass through security safely, her bag was quite stylish and small so there may not have been much in it.

 Our next member got held by the 'officer's and glad she did as Akane is one of the more interesting gals you enjoy watching. Little funnier than the previous inspection though Akane didn't have a lot of variety in her bag, seems almost everything was cosmetics or other things to freshen yourself up with. She doesn't appear to be that type of gal, Manaka to me is the most looks conscious member.

 Two in a row have now been held up as the second Rika, Ozeki, set off the alarm. She had a different kind of assortment of items but mainly her bag seemed like she just came from the supermarket. There was also some ugly socks which she carried around in case of an emergency, Rika had also said she had so much food as they were emergency rations. Guess if she's ever stuck on a train for five hours she won't go hungry, perhaps even ten hours plus she can change her socks!

 Time must have been running short as a trio of member's bags were able to clear security without the alarm going off. Nijika and Miyu were two of the members, the third was Manaka and I was really hoping her bag would be checked because she's so fashion conscious.

 We're getting there, probably 2/3 of the gals have passed through the sensor and only a handful of bags have been checked. After that trio went through you had to figure a bag would soon be checked and one was which belonged to everyone's fave airhead, Rika.
 Knowing Rika you would have thought her bag would have been cluttered with a lot of inane things. That wasn't the case as she had a very neat bag, on one huge side she only had a wallet with Kuma bear on it. But in the other side she had a stash of potatoes, didn't know it until this episode but she says she's a bit addicted to them.

 Once again two members who I would have liked to have had their bags checked passed and those two were Mizuho and Neru.

 Pair of high school students are next and neither passed by the alarm. First was Nanami whose bag was quite organized and filled to the brim with school materials. She truly seems like such an intelligent person as she really knows math and science so well. When her Idol career eventually ends it appears she'll have something to fall back on as there's no doubt she'll be going to a fine college.

 Always thought of Aoi as a bit daffy, she still may be but she also has a head on her shoulders. Her calligraphy is second to none and her bag was also jam packed with school materials. Though she did have a few younger girly items, the hosts kept saying there's no way she's seventeen.... know what they mean in a way as I'm starting to feel a bit ancient watching these younger members.

 Few more members were able to pass through safely which left one person who was Nanako who may currently be my fave member. On the previous show with this theme her bag was quite a mess, the hosts didn't even ask her to pass through the alarm as they were anxious to check her bag.
 It was much better organized than the first time and to their dismay they didn't find many items to embarrass her. Nanako is a huge fan of mangas, in her bag was the new edition of 'Ribon' and what a big book that was. She also had some small candy in the bag which she chewed in class, that led to another discovery which was that she's a college student and I had no idea about that. Couldn't find out what school she's attending but think she's an art major.

 No swimsuits but it was still an enjoyable show, just wish they had checked more of my fave's bags. You have to think that the members knew this would be the theme beforehand, would have expected to find a few other curious items in their bags. Been keeping up somewhat with these recaps, it aired last Sunday but doing a post within a week is good for me.
 Will be back this week with episode three of 'KeyaBingo!' as the Kanji girls are up next in their battle versus Hiragana. But I'd really like to continue with the 'Zankoku" recaps, three more episodes need to get subbed but once show eight is done will do back to back posts for the drama.


  1. SWIMSUITS!! WOOOOO....F***. I'm kinda curious too who would be the first member. Don't think my eyes could handle it but i think Miyu would look top notch sexayy. She can pull it off.
    Mizuho did a blog post showing what she had in the bag, nothing special tho, 2DS, some pokeball thingy and some other stuff. It shut me up tho haha i also wanted Mizuho's bag to get checked
    Still can't believe Aoi is a high schooler, i always thought she was still in mid school haha
    Yurina is pretty quiet on the show nowadays (I think. Can't seem to recall anything now) Guess the jobs taking a toll coz she's one busy youngster

  2. Yurina has been quiet in all of their shows recently, wonder if management is trying to push the other members more as she may have been getting too much of the spotlight.
    Have no clue who the first member to do a swimsuit spread will be. All of Keya's older gals are good looking but none seem to have the aura of Mai, Misa or Nanami. Akane or Rika would be my top two choices to do a hottish spread....