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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Keyakizaka46: The 'Mizuho Habu post' #2

 Didn't realize it until a few moments ago but this is actually Mizuho's second solo post. The first one was done on May 14th and it was for her appearance at this year's 'Girls Awards' Spring/Summer show which took place on May 3rd. Mizuho and four other Keya members took a stroll on the catwalk and she did look quite good, innocent may be a better description.

 This was the third time Mizuho had taken a walk at one of their shows, the first time was in March 2016. The second was at their Autumn/Winter show which took place last October.

 And what's become a fixture here for solo posts are pics from when the group's lineup was announced back on August 22, 2015.

 Mizuho may not look it in most pics but she is the tallest Keya member at 171 cm. Was going to do this post on Friday which is Mizuho's 20th birthday, for a change will have an early b-day post instead of a belated one. Mizuho does attend quite a few promo events and not just for those 'Girls Awards' show, their next one is in September and sure we'll see her there.
 On March 5th Mizuho made an appearance at a special 'NISC' event, it was part of Cyber Security Month. There she and others were giving some talks about how to prevent from being hacked on your smartphone and an app you can download to protect yourself. Have no clue if Mizuho is adept at computers but have a feeling she is, in Keya's two dramas she does come off as a rather smart woman. Here's a few pics from the event though there's no good videos for it.

 One thing I can't understand is the lack of Mizuho mag spreads. Seems to me she appears in less of them than any other member and have no answer why that would be, sure most of you will agree she's an attractive woman. Only have a few spreads then, will save two for another solo post. This first set is brand new which is from the July 20th edition of Weekly Famitsu.

 This is a really superb set of pics which is from volume 18 of BLT Graph.

 Another new spread which she shares with Minami from the August issue of BLT.

 Like every member Mizuho has done her fair share of interviews for the Hustle Press website. Their features are usually quite big and the pics are also rather terrific. Have two sets for today, first is from April 2016 while the second one is from October 2016.


  1. Nao, ya bloody legend. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! that she's not really in much mag spreads lately at least i feel she isn't and i 100%, A+++++++++++ agree she's attractive. looking fabulous wherever she goes haha. There was a recent 'Eccentric' live performance somewhere and Mizuho was center for a bit, yeah it was awesome, she so cool. Another thing that really ticked about her is she games! probably not as hardcore but enough for me to go 'yep, you're no.1'. NoMizuhoNoLife( ̄^ ̄)

  2. i am a happy mann...and if ya happen to make a mizuho gif then i am gon be a dead mann haha

  3. For Mizuho's next solo post will work on some sort of gif, will try to get some other things such as her game playing. There's been two five member subgroup's for Keya's singles which are Five Cards and Aozora no Marry/Chigau. Mizuho wasn't a part of either one of them but on the new album she will be part of a five gal unit called Goninbayashi.

  4. Ah nah m8 she's also in the 'Five Cards' unit. 'Bokutachi no sensou'(?) There's a scene where everybody is gathered at the table and pointing fingers and stuff, sayin stuff we can't hear BUT in the making of that part, Rika was pretty awesome. Looking forward to the Goninbayashi song tho and also seems like she doing a showroom today where i'll be expressing my love haha hopefully i don't fall asleep before it starts