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Monday, July 17, 2017

Juice=Juice: The 'Tomoko Kanazawa post' #3....

 The only thing Juice=Juice leads over others here is having the posts that get the least amount of views. 🙍 Though some of the solo posts have been somewhat more popular, especially the ones for Akari and if you've viewed them you know why. Been wanting to do another post for Tomoko for a while now but it's so hard finding anything for the JJ members.
 However if you're a Tomoko fan and know that there's at least five out there then think you'll truly enjoy this post, her other two were also super-duper. If you're not a fan then perhaps you soon will be as there's a huge amount of pics for today, some are repeats but bet 90% are brand new for here.

 Now there's a comment that won't have to repeated twice to Nao! About two years ago Tomoko changed her hair color from that above pic to a reddish tint and think I much prefer her new hue. One reason for wanting to do a post for her was that a few weeks ago, July 2nd to be exact, Tomoko celebrated her 22nd birthday. No huge party for the event or at least it's one I'd rather keep secret between us. Pics here are from last year's mini b-day party with some cards for the occasion.

 But there was naturally a mini party with the other JJ members which is the top pic. Think there was another event with the members and will have that info for her next post, hopefully that'll be won't be too far in the future. The other two are simply out of this world as Tomoko on the 2nd was at an another event which was at 'Cafe At Home' which appears to be a maid cafe. Tomoko has never looked better, wow does she look more stunning every day.

 Tomoko did have some health problems a while ago, especially the latter half of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Think she was hurting so bad she even thought about leaving the group. However her condition is much better, she takes some medication for her problem and it's so good to see her back to normal health though it is a lifetime problem.

 Thanks if you've made it this far, this will be one long post but these kinds I enjoy doing more than any other kind. That above pic is from the "Budokan" drama which aired in 2016, that was such an interesting show and one that I highly recommend. Tomoko isn't the oldest JJ member but she was in the drama, her character's name was Hana.

 Like most Hello Project groups Juice=Juice got two new members when Country Girls was disbanded. Don't have any info for it yet but the group performed for the first time today with the new members at Seven Horizon in Kyoto. The group will soon be going overseas for many concerts which are part of their 'Live Around 2017' tour, they'll be in Europe and America among other places and unsure if the new members will be with them on the tour.

 An excellent show for learning about H!P groups is the 'Hello Station Show' which airs weekly. It's an hour long with no commercial breaks, they have so much news, videos, interviews and more. If you get the chance to view it you should do so, not subbed but you don't need them.
 There's always a pair of H!P gals hosting the show, on May 31st Tomoko was joined by Saki in perhaps her final appearance on the show. Last year Saki was #1 on my 'Top Twenty Faves' list, Tomoko currently is my fave Idol with C-ute disbanding. However just don't think there will be enough things to post about her which is one requirement to make the list but even if she doesn't make the top she's still number one to me, won't be creating the list until November though.
 On the show they of course talked about C-ute's final concert. Juice=Juice was one of the opening acts at the June 12th performance. There was also some segments for Angerme's new single plus also the final concert for Buono!. Don't know if the show is on YT but will see if it is and if so will post it at the bottom, all the episodes of 'Hello Station Show' are really worth viewing.

 Think Hello Project has really cut back on the number of cards they release every month except for C-ute who had too many to count. Will have some recent H!P cards for JJ and Tomoko coming up but here are a few older ones from 2013-14 with the old hair color.

 Every week will watch at least one Juice=Juice concert, they have such a fun and energetic show. Usually they'll play at least 25 songs, their singles may not be huge sellers but they are a huge concert draw. Of course I notice all of the JJ members but my eyes more often than not tend to gravitate towards Tomoko, easy to see why.

 Whew, finally have reached the end and hope you enjoyed all of these fabulous pics of Tomoko. Should have a Juice=Juice post coming up soon, they've had two digital singles so far this year and have another one coming out in August. Plus will have some info about today's show and perhaps some pics from their Budokan concert which took place last November. That was their goal in the drama to eventually play there which did happen seven months after the show ended.
 Two JJ members have had multiple photobooks but sadly Tomoko isn't one of them, personally I'd love to see one. But back in 2014 Tomoko did have an hour long DVD which was titled "Greeting". Kind of a low key affair but that's the kind of gal she is. Tomoko was just 19 at the time, a new one with the way she looks now would be beyond stupendous. Here's some screenshots from the first twenty or so minutes of the DVD, no gravure scenes but I really enjoy the video.
 Will have more screenshots for the Tomoko's next solo post, trust me when I say it'll be coming up soon. We have success, the episode of 'Hello Station' is on YT so you can view it after these pics and it really is such an informative watch.


  1. I usually just skip the articles from idol groups other than the 46 groups(coz really i don't think i could keep up with everything) but today i made an exception!! Juice=Juice eh? Make that six people Nao.
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Tomoko has gained another fan.

  2. Thanks, hopefully her fan base here will be up to ten by the end of the year. There's such a huge difference between the '46/48' groups and the ones from Hello Project. Seems Nogi has an endless supply of cash to promote their singles and for them to have variety shows and other things.
    Meanwhile groups like Juice=Juice don't have that kind of support so they really have to work harder. Of course most of Nogi's songs over the last four years have been excellent but to me JJ songs eclipse them easily. They have a solid core of fans but just can't seem to expand it too much.
    Tomoko is without a doubt such a cutie, those bathing suit screenshots were from episode 3 of the "Budokan" drama and it's the only time I've seen her wearing one. Realize I'm in the minority but she looks more enticing with her style versus Idols who have to dress so skimpy to get attention.

  3. I'm gonna try get around to watch 'Budokan' since ya recommended it. oh bruh speaking of songs, i was jammin to 'Romancing is on its way' and 'Don't be spiteful, but embrace' and in 'spiteful' Tomoko's line was "Hey, what do you like about me?"
    Me: Everything (ノ▽〃)

  4. Don't know if you've read the recaps but did them for all eight episodes of "Budokan", the label is on the right. Each show is only 19 1/2 minutes long so you're not giving up that much time to view the whole series.
    "Romance no Tochuu" is one of the classic J-Pop tunes of all time and it vey well could be my #1 ever. Their PV's are all excellent but when they perform the songs in concert is when JJ really shines.