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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "KeyaBingo! 2" episode two recap

 Never did finish recapping the first season, thought it was getting a bit old to do now. However season two started in January so thought I'd take a look at some of the better episodes, will also be doing some recaps for the third season which starts next week. Didn't watch the first episode, the theme was 'Ikemen' which has been done to death by AKB and Nogi, I'm just so tired of those shows.
 This one here was an enjoyable one, title of it was 'I Want to Marry Your Son'. As you can tell it revolved around marriage, the members had to try to win the affection of a group of five mothers. There were nineteen members who appeared, think missing were Rina and Yui I. The gals came out in pairs, they dressed to impress the mothers who all seemed to be in their fifties.

 Ten members or five pairs first made a grand entrance, thought the fourth pair of Manaka and Risa blew the competition away but it wasn't a pairs contest. After a bit of a short conversation with the mothers the rest of the members were introduced, first pair may have taken second place to me.

 Before the show began the five mothers had taken a look at pics of the way the nineteen members were dressed. They then whittled it down to twelve gals who would be competing for the right to date their son! Yuuka was the only one dressed in a kimono, she was the first of the seven to be eliminated.
 Kind of surprised that Mizuho was rapidly dismissed too, Akane also didn't make the cut as the mothers thought she was dressed too sexy! The group of mothers chose.... Fuyuka as the worst gal they'd want their son to go out with, she was dressed a bit oddly.

 That's the list of who made the cut and who didn't. But wait, the seven who were sent to the 'Idols unable to become wives' section were given a second chance. If they were able to impress the mothers with the way they acted, their interests or personalities they could bump off the gal above them and all seven gave it a try which was the best part of the show.
 Up first was Nana, she really looks like Erika Ikuta with that wool cap. All she had to offer the mothers were some delicious oranges from where she's from, not an interesting thing but it did beat the gal above her. That was Nijika whose specialty was pulling weeds(!), that was unimpressive to the mothers so she's no longer in the running.
 Following Nana was Fuyuka and she was the only member not to pass the re-test. She showed the mothers a copy of a Keya single with a pic of her inside it, she finished last for a reason.

 Next up was Yuuka, the hosts of the show are the comedy duo of Sandwichman and they kept referring to her family as being loaded which is true. She passed with flying colors with another chance as the mothers were impressed with her whole demeanor. But that meant someone would be dropped unless they could impress the mothers more, that gal was Rika and she flopped badly. She explained to the mothers about how much she loved her neko Pe-chan. That didn't go over too well and Rika has been eliminated which means less competition for Nao.

 Out of the seven who didn't make the original cut six ended up moving up but only five were eliminated from the competition. An exception was made for Aoi, the mothers were much more impressed with her competitor. However Aoi came close to breaking down in tears, she pleaded with the mothers to keep her and it ended up being thirteen instead of twelve in the final match.

 There were two final competitions but I thought the above segment where the gals got a second chance was so much better. In this one four groups of three gals, one had four, had a minute to impress the mothers with their conversations so they really only had twenty seconds each.
 Out of the groups one would be picked to make it a final four. The winners were Nana, Akane, Minami and Nanako. Their task was to go into a room of small children so the mothers could see how well they acted with kids. Minami had the most confidence going in but after a few moments the kids started ignoring her, that's something most of us wouldn't do.

 As the other three go all of them did well but the clear winner was Nana, haven't noticed her too much up until now but what a bubbly gal she seems to be. Final segment though was only so-so, would have been more interesting to see how they reacted on a date with a mother's son or something else along those lines. But the final two segments were the shortest ones, the one where the gals could get that second chance lasted for well over half the show which was a good thing.

 Not much more to add in, found it fairly enjoyable and much better than Nogi's latest season of Bingo!. Would like to continue on with the recaps for the 'Zankoku' drama but the subs past the sixth episode haven't been done yet. So until they are will do a few more posts for this show, viewing these are some of the best ways to get to know the members a bit better. As mentioned above the best pairing to start the show off with featured Manaka and Risa, they may be the best looking Keya pair I've seen and think it's time to start working on a post featuring the duo.


  1. Keyabingo3 looks like it's gon be a BOMB!! can't wait!!

  2. Was going to recap episode three tonight but it's a two parter and didn't know it until the end of the show. So perhaps no Keya posts tonight and the theme for the two is 'Moe', so far it's good enough.