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Friday, July 14, 2017

Yuki Kashiwagi: Happy 26th birthday!!!!

 Don't do nearly as many b-day posts as I once did but it's hard not to have one for my biggest faves and Yuki certainly is one of them. Sometimes I've talked about having an all time Idol list but it changes so often it may be impossible. However the top five or so really hasn't changed in the last few years, Yuki would finish no lower than second on my list and actually with all of her recent activity she just may be my #1 Idol of all time.
 For a long stretch there was so little to post about her but had a post a few weeks ago with over forty new pics, she's been so busy have have over sixty new ones today for her huge fan base to enjoy. Yuki didn't participate in this year's Senbatsu elections and sure her absence affected the top five as she had never finished lower than fifth in the last six elections. Yuki is also a member of NGT48, they formed in 2015 but have had only one single to date though they do have a variety show.

 The actual birthday doesn't take place until the 15th, that's only two hours away though if you live in Japan. This December Yuki will be celebrating her 11th anniversary as an AKB member, you would have to think the word graduation has started to seep into her mind. Very few AKB members have stayed as long as she has, if she can stick it out for three more years she'll have the record for being the oldest member but not sure if she wants that honor.
 Plenty of new pics for today and they're really an assortment of things. The 'Japan Expo' is an event that's held every July in Paris, it's mainly an anime, manga and games event. However there's always at least one J-Pop group or singer there, few years ago Nogi appeared at it. This year Yuki made a surprise visit at the Expo, she was there on the first day which was July 6th, it ran until the 9th. She held a mini concert where she did some AKB tunes such as "Heavy Rotation" though she wasn't the center for the tune. She sang live at the show which is rare for an AKB member.

 Before Yuki took her trip to Paris she did a June 27th interview for Modelpress.

 Yuki has been doing modeling work for Champion/Fila for over a year now, perhaps much longer and here are some new pics that came out last month.

 Rarely does a day go by without Yuki doing either an Instagram or Twitter entry and the pics she posts are often better than superb, these are from the last two weeks.

 Have a few jaw-dropping new mag spreads, is there such a thing as a Yuki spread that isn't
jaw-dropping? I say no and this terrific set is from the July 5th edition of Weekly Shonen.

 An even more breathtaking set of pics and these are from the August issue of Entame, bottom two are bonus pics.

 For Yuki's last post had a scintillating set of pics from Young Champion #13. There were some outtake pics that were recently released and they may look better than the ones in the spread. After those check out a video from the photo shoot for the spread.

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  1. (*≧∀≦)ノシWOOOOOO!!! YUKIRIN!! lookin fine as ever