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Monday, July 24, 2017

Morning Musume: 'The Singles series' #63- "Brand New Morning"

 Says #63 at the top but that refers to it being Morning Musume's 63rd single!!!! However this is the first group post for them here, hardest thing for me to do is break the ice for a person or group but once it happens that means there will be a slew of posts coming up. But if you come here often then you may know there are many posts for MM's captain Mizuki who is beyond voluptuous, she's one of my top five current Idols and hope she knows the how to start giving.... gulp....

 Sigh, had been hoping the next two words she sang were Mine Nao!

 These 'single series' posts naturally concentrate on the single but they're also a time capsule of what was going on with a group at the time such as concerts, events, interviews and whatever. The single "Brand New Morning" didn't come out until March 8th but for this first bit of news we're going back to January 11th.
 The group appeared at an event for Marukome Miso soup, they were promoting four flavors that were coming out in March with pics of the members being on the cartons. The above video is of MM singing a revised version of their first major single "Morning Coffee", they changed the title and lyrics to "Morning Miso". Plenty of pics from the event and check out that video as MM is one of the more fun groups to watch.

 At over a hundred pics this could be the biggest post ever here and starting to think about making this part one for the single, that's what happens when you start too late posting about a group. The
B-side to the single is "Jealousy Jealousy", second part if there is one(92% sure) will have that video along with more cards, mag spreads and whatever.
 "Brand New Morning" was released on March 8th, it reached #2 on the Oricon charts and has sold about 90,000 copies to date. The total is probably over 100,000 as Oricon has stricter rules on what counts as a sale, for instance copies sold at concerts don't count. Though a solid seller it was their lowest selling single since single #51. At the top are two of the covers, the single was released in five versions and here are the rest of the covers along with a few promo pics.

 There's no way this single series is going all the way back to their first major single in 1998. What I'm planning on doing is going back with this series to 2014 which means about 6-7 entries but will also be doing any upcoming singles, would think a new one would be coming out soon. Single #62 was "Sexy Cat no Enzetsu", that's really one superb tune and can't wait to do that post.
 Here's the lineup for the single, there were thirteen members in the group at the time but Masaki didn't participate due to illness. Names aren't on the first set pics but they are on the following ones which are some cards for the group's 'Inspiration' tour that started shortly after the single's release. Think a solo post may be coming up for the group's oldest member Haruna Iikubo, she'll be turning 23 soon and really looks mighty fine to me and that's her in the third pic.

 Kaeda and Reina are 13th generation members, you have to remember that Morning Musume has been around for almost twenty years. The pair dd an interview for the single with Billboard Japan.

 Whew, quite a long post but we're getting close to the end. Hello project groups always do a mini concert to promote a new single. MM had one on March 7th which was the day before "Brand New Morning" was released. They performed both songs on the single along with some oldies such as the new version of "Morning Miso" for their Marukome promo campaign.
 The event took place at the Ikaburo Sunshine City Fountain with over 2,000 fans in attendance. Their tour started on March 18th and went on to the end of May though on June 25th they traveled to Hong Kong to do a concert.

 Always end off these 'single series' posts with the PV. What Hello Project does better than anyone else is subbing their videos in English, they've been doing it for many years and there are very few other J-Pop PV's that are subbed. Like all MM and H!P songs it's a really catchy and upbeat tune.

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