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Monday, July 17, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #12

 Two days ago Keya appeared on the 'Ongaku no Hi' show to perform a song off of their first album, title of it is above. The tune only lasts for 2 1/2 minutes so bet it's a shortened version, video for it is was at the bottom of the post. Bit of an entertaining song, better than Nogi's new single and Keya is always a bit edgy when they perform on TV plus most of their PV's are in the same vein.

 Yurina is hosting the 'Girls Locks!' radio show this week so bet she'll be doing a lot of promoting for the "Masshirona" album. Last week she was at a promo event for the show's August rock fest, that event took place at Tower Records in Shibuya. While she was there she also took some pics as the displays were already in place for the new album.

 Just two mag spreads for today though they do total close to thirty pics. Had I worked a bit harder could should have had a Rika solo post as she's featured in both spreads. She's now an exclusive model for Larme, these are from the new issue which is volume 29.

 Here's an excellent set of pairs and these two have appeared a few other times together. More Rika as we can never get tired of viewing her pics as she's joined by Yuuka who seriously looks so fantastic lately. This superb set is from the August issue of EX-Taishu and it appears they were on a fishing trip, they wouldn't need any more bait to reel in Nao! 😰

 There was also a trio featured in the mag with three solo pics each. The members are Neru, Yui K. and Yui I., remember to check out the video for the 'Getsuyoubi' song after the pics.
EDIT" That video for some unknown reason got deleted. There's another one on YT but there's no audio so instead there's a video from the July 13th showroom which features Fuyuka and Mizuho, they're promoting the new album and the final episode of the 'Zankoku' drama.


  1. Yuuka wouldn't even need a fishing rod for me. Looks like they're tryna give you a rod, looks like you have a choice. If you take the yellow pill then...you'll be thrown into the water by someone who is certainly not me😉. If you take the red pill then...you'll be thrown into the water by someone...who is certainly.not.me😉. Yui.I cut her hair bout neck length TT. I hope she still looks like a watapon when she smiles. Oooh looks like the vid got taken down, lucky i watched it before that happened. Choreography is so kewl. Manaka's hair at the end tho XD

  2. Off topic kinda but on the 7th pic of Ex-Taishu, is that a safe way to cut a rock melon? idk just thought it doesn't look right

  3. Don't think it's the safest way but it appears it worked as they were feeding each other, wish they had saved some for me. That video has already been deleted from YT so need to look for another one, that's surprising as it had well over 100,000 views and think I'll need some pills if these videos keep disappearing.