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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #10....

 Keya's first album 'Masshirona' comes out in less than eight days, hoping we'll see some members at an event promoting it. Would imagine that they'll be on the next two episodes of 'Showroom', members have been appearing on it quite a bit lately. Think they rotate with the Nogi members as Nogi had appeared on the show so often promoting their second album.
 Keya is doing two concerts on July 22nd and 23rd in Yamanashi Prefecture, perhaps they'll be playing at the base of Mount Fuji. Also for the second year in a row they'll be appearing at the 'Tokyo Idol Fest', their performance will be taking place on August 5th.

 Starting to catch up with all of 2017's mag spreads and other happenings, no doubt Keya has had more posts here since the beginning of June than anyone else. Few more solo posts may be coming up, wanted to do one featuring Manaka but after she broke my heart the other day....

 Shiho is someone who has never had a solo post here for, think there's about four members left who are in that category. With pics like this it appears she may need a post and rather quickly. Actually need to post more about 'Hiragana Keyaki' who Shiho is a part of.

 But of course there will be some repeat solo posts coming up shortly, er, uh, that is if I can find the time and kind of hoping I can't.... 😅

 Suddenly became quite hot where I am! We'll have Rika start us off, usually save her pics for solo posts but this new spread is only four pages but it's quality over quantity. This ultra superb set to give you a sleepless night is from Young Jump #33. Also have more fabulous pics of her along with the other gals from 'Aozora no Marry'.
 Rika has been appearing in the Larme magazine since January. Yesterday though she was signed by the mag to be an exclusive model for them, that is if the 'Honeymoon Suite' door isn't bolted....

 Mentioned above that 'Hiragana Keyaki' need more pics, have a trio of them here from the June 20th issue of SPA! and there's some regular group pics too. The trio is Shiho, Kyoko and Kumi.

 Rest of the spreads features everyone's fave subgroup 'Aozora no Marry', this fivesome has been appearing in so many mags recently and I say keep them coming!

 Will keep working on posting one of their videos, as of now the ones on YT are useless. Do have four of them on my computer and could upload some but thinking the people at Sony would have a fit over that. Couple more spreads for this dynamic quintuplet, now that C-ute is no longer around perhaps these five could take their place. Set here is from the June issue of Men's Non-no.

 Posted this spread in yesterday's Akane post, she's really looking finer than ever lately. In case you missed this set these are from WPB #30.

 Final spread is the best of the bunch and all were extremely terrific. Another set featuring the unbeatable quartet from the August edition of Bomb, wonder why Yuuka wasn't there?


  1. Ayyy welcome back speech bub! I got sick...Yuuka was supposed to come over with some welsh onions but...that's not my door!! :'( mine had roses and hearts. i broke my smartphone so might of accidentally gave her Nao's address!! got me doing Kevin Hart's 'oh non-no no no' XD. i should pay another visit to the doctor, maybe i'll see that cute nurse again. Lookin forward to the Hiragana posts :) also the pic with Rika wearing a hat is the best Rika pic i've ever seen

  2. Perhaps Yuuka's horse wasn't prepared for the long ride, still waiting then for someone to knock at my door. Hadn't paid attention to that pic you're mentioning but yes she does look awful kawaii. Just did a post for 'KeyaBingo' and mentioned a great pic from the show featuring Manaka and Risa. Above in the WPB spread is also a stupendous pic of the pair, never had noticed how terrific they look together.

  3. i ship em! By the looks of it, Manaka is going to take everyone, first Akane now Risa?! who's next?! Name better not start with a 'M'...better be a 'S'