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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #27- 18th single news

 Details for the new single came out yesterday, good thing it did as they've performed the song twice already. Name of the tune is "Nigemizu" which means Road Mirage. There will be five editions of the single, besides the A-side there's six other songs along with some videos, need to purchase all of the versions to get everything. The Undergirls and third generation members each have a song while the rest of them are a mix of all of the members. Here are the other four covers.

 Have heard the A-side already or at least the version they performed on yesterday's 'Ongaku no Hi' show. The version they did was only 2 1/2 minutes, sure the song on the single is two minutes longer. Won't give a rating of the song yet then because of not hearing the full length version. However from what I heard can't say that it's one of their better songs.
 Kind of miss Nogi's fun, upbeat tunes which singles three through ten seemed to be, that's still my fave period for their songs. "Nigemizu" appeared to be a bit bland, perhaps it's one I need to hear ten times before I start enjoying it which has happened to many songs in the past. The third generation members Momoko and Yuuka are the co-centers for the song, when the group performed it on yesterday's show seemed as though they didn't get nearly as much screen time as the older members, especially Mai and Nanase. At the bottom of the post have a video of the performance.

 Nogi had a mini concert today where they performed the song again. They also did "Hitonatsu No Nagasa Yori...." which is on the single, Manatsu has the center for that tune. Nogi also performed a few of their older songs such as "Oide Shampoo" and "Girls Rule". Don't you think that "Girls Rule" is perhaps their signature song? That's the one tune they have to perform in concert and it's easy to understand as it's one superb song and my #3 single all time from them.
 The mini show took place in the Odaiba area of Tokyo. That B-side song listed above will the theme tune to the Fuji-TV Summer event series which is also being held in Odaiba.

 Two mag spreads for today, first one is a bit too small though. It's from the August issue of
EX-Taishu featuring Manatsu and Sayuri I.

 Second spread is much bigger which is from a special Flash edition titled 'Best of Summer 2017'. That first pic with Kazumi is out of this world, actually you can say that about all of recent pics, few other members are in the spread. After this set check out the video for the new single.


  1. I see they embraced Manatsu's sexay shoulder exposure haha i guess her 'zukkyun' did work. 'Girls Rule' seems to be their best song when it comes to hyping up the crowd, i like 'House' tho. I was hoping Nigemizu would have the same effect as i think it would've been a huge blast for the newly centers. Seems they went for a more elegant piece tho.

  2. Their Summer singles have usually been upbeat, fun songs unlike this one. Think that kind of song would have been a better for for the new centers. Noticed they've become a bit like AKB whose earlier singles weren't massive sellers but were so much better. As time went on their songs became more boring but yet they've all been million sellers, Nogi seems to be following that route.

  3. Yeah that's one reason i kinda didn't follow AKB anymore, their songs weren't my cuppa tea anymore. From AKB to Nogi and now slowly tip toeing to Keya haha. The variety shows too are gettin little outta touch, maybe because they're busy with other stuff aswell but coz of that the shows look bland. Not saying it's a 'bad watch' just a 'watch'.

  4. You're right about their variety shows as they really have become too bland plus to me way too predictable. All of their themes have been used by AKB, they need to start hunting down some better writers for their shows but like you said I still watch them too.