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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #8 and more....

 Seems on those very slow days we can always depend on Nogi or Keya to supply us with new happenings. No Nogi news the last few days but plenty from Keya, wonder if one of them stay out of the spotlight for a few days to let the other group get the headlines? As you can see from the above pics there's going to be a third season of 'KEYABINGO!', it starts on July 18th at 1:59 am which is actually July 19th. Seems the theme of it is going to be a bit different, think I'll be recapping the shows as their current drama ends in less than two weeks.

 The group will also be at this year's 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show on September second and sure many members will be taking a stroll on the catwalk. We know the above two will be doing that, trying to talk Rika into wearing this for her walk!

 Whew, have even more fabulous pics of her coming up. In Nogi the non-Senbatsu members are referred to as the Undergirls, in Keya they have an actual name which is 'Hiragana Keyaki'. Tomorrow the group which consists of twelve members will be performing a concert at Zepp in Nagoya as they're on a short tour but the concerts are a bit infrequent.

 Could have saved this for the first W-Watanabe post, getting a bit lazy on doing one. However these pics of Rika and Risa are too terrific to hold on to as the pair share this incredible spread from the July 19th issue of Weekly Shonen, Risa has been on the cover of two mags this week.

 Trio here from the August edition of UTB though the spreads are all solo ones. Featured is Neru who looks fantastic but always have a hard time coming up with a good adjective for her, she's definitely not as creepy in mag spreads as she was in the 'Tokuyama' drama. Also in the issue is the pair of Yui's who often appear together.

 Posted this set in Mizuho's solo post but here's an encore of it which is her and Minami from the August issue of BLT.

 This is a really superb set which is also from the BLT issue. Just did a Nanako post a few days ago, she's rapidly climbing on my faves list and she looks like a few million yen in these pics. Joining her is Shiho who is a member of 'Hiragana Keyaki', she also looks rather fetching.


  1. KEYABINGO 3!? ohhh yeahh...but it's 2 weeks away ohh nuuu
    i'm guessing in the 4th pic of the weekly shonen they're tryna cool you(Nao) down before they send ya to hospital for a heatstroke haha. Wonder if you'll be writing your fantasy things again like ya did with Nanami and others back then, even tho they're directed to you, they were still pretty funny

  2. First I think the pair need to cool down their hotness though that could be impossible! It's much easier writing fantasy things or 'quotes' for Nanami, Mai, Misa, etc. because Nogi has been around for so many more years. There's also just so many things to use such as photobooks, all of the promo events they attend, their radio shows and much more. But now that the thought is in my mind it'll be difficult for Rika to keep her mouth quiet in the future.