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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rika Izumi: Her intro post #2....

 Looks like Rika is going to be a popular gal around here, her post yesterday garnered quite a few views and looking at her it's easy to see why. Will be doing many more posts in the next few weeks for her, actually will be doing them forever but first there's quite a few older things to catch up with. Rika did start off as an actress in the 'Sailor Moon' series back in 2003-04 but at the time she used her real name which is Chisaki Hama and started using Rika in 2008.

 Don't know if Rika appears at many fashion shows but she is an exclusive model for a few mags, maybe I never thought of looking for her at the shows. One of the mags is Maquia and she has a weekly feature at their website though not enough pics in them.

 Rika has worked fairly steady since she returned to the entertainment industry in 2008, she had retired for a few years to finish her schooling. That means there should be plenty of things to post about and with the her dazzling looks will be enjoying every post. Brand new mag spread here which is from volume 21 of Some Girls.

 Like those above pics as Rika doesn't need to dress skimpy to get our attention. Then again she does look breathtaking with a little less attire such as this superb set of pics from the March 30th edition of Young Jump, actually they're not that skimpy but still they all rate an A+++. The spread was promoting her first photobook.

 Rika's first regular photobook "Rika" was released on April 11th, she did have one before but it was classified as a 'style booklet'. This is the cover along with some enticing promo pics.

 On April 16th a scintillating Rika held a promo event for the photobook at the HMV store in Shibuya. Plenty of terrific pics here from the event followed by a video of it.


  1. has anyone told this fine lady that she looks like Han Hyo-Joo?? like i swear to me god, i clicked her label on the right and the first post i saw was just Rika with a different outfit

  2. Rika had really reminded me of someone and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out who. Hyo-Joo is probably that person and she happens to be a huge fave of mine. No that her name has been brought her up guess you've left me no choice but to do a few posts for her which are way overdue. Surprisingly though 98% of the posts here are for Japanese women her posts were extremely popular, she really is one fine looking woman. Have her as the 'Featured post of the day'.

  3. fa*k me dead m8, i keep givin ya more work to do. stohb it m8 you're makin me feel feel bad haha

  4. Don't worry, the bill is in the mail for the overtime. You did get me thinking of Hyo-Joo so much had to do a post for her today and it's true how much the pair resemble each other in the face.