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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Juice=Juice: The 'Tomoko Kanazawa post' #4

 Tomoko's last post which was five days ago was one of the better ones I've done in a while, this may not be as huge but think it's another tour de force post. That last one did mention how few views Juice=Juice posts get but Tomoko's last one has attracted many more than usual so for once she says thanks to everyone, perhaps she's up to seven fans now as she may be my current fave J-Pop Idol.
 Speaking of Idols that's what Maki Goto once was with Morning Musume and was one of the few Hello Project members who had a successful solo career. Bring her up because that video above is of Tomoko singing her solo song "Star of Tears" which was on Maki's second solo album. That solo performance took place at the July 11th 'Hina Fest', JJ was also there along with many H!P groups.
EDIT: Sorry about that bt once again a video has been deleted off YT. It's not always that the video is bad but the uploader may have had other videos which weren't allowed, if that's the case their account gets suspended and all of the videos get taken down.

 Have some new happenings for today along with many older things, it doesn't seem it but there are plenty of Tomoko things to post about. 😍 Lately Tomoko seems busier than ever, have always thought she was just the third most popular Juice=Juice member after Akari and Karin but wouldn't doubt if she's jumped a spot or two this year.
 First we'll go back in time, aren't that many JJ happenings from 2013-14 but there are a few. Tomoko is 22 now so we can go back four years with her things which is just about how long the group has been around. The group has had one photobook, it was released on February 27th, 2014 and she was 18 at the time. Now that the members are 3 1/2 years older would love to see a new PB with all of them, actually a solo Tomoko book would be a wish of mine.

 Actually Tomoko did have a mini PB that came out last year titled "Greeting". Haven't seen any pics from it but think it's a very small book. Of all of the Hello Project groups for some strange reason Juice=Juice appears in the least amount of mags, groups much less popular than them are in so many more. Small Tomoko spread here and it's an oldie from the October 2014 edition of My Girl.

 Tomoko back in 2015 changed her hair tint which I truly adore. But the more you view these older pics the dark hair she had back then was also beyond scintillating. Every post naturally has to feature H!P cards, few newer ones but most are from 2014-15.

 Will be doing a post soon for Juice=Juice, was thinking about doing one for the group today instead of this one. A member who I kind of like for some reason is Yuka who really is looking quite good lately. She's 23 now and wondering how much longer she'll be staying with the group, personally hope it's a while or at least until she's 25 or older.

 Will work on a post for her soon, that was her reaction when Tomoko told her how many posts she's had lately while Yuka's had zero. Hmmm, she didn't need to rub it in!

 These are brand new Tomoko pics from the Woman Excite site.

 The reason for the Woman Excite interview was for a new single she has out, it's a duet with Haruna Iikubo who is a member of Morning Musume and also a year older than Tomoko. Screenshots here are from last week's 'Hello Station' show and you can view that segment after the pics.
 The single is a digital one and you can get it at a few places though you can hear most of it in the video. Very long title which is "Obaka Neko to Obaka Neko Baka no Uta". Title roughly translates over to the 'Stupid Cat Song' or 'That Cat is a Fool', both are really Neko lovers.


  1. TOMOKOOOO!! Her voice is neat. Real noice. Short hair really suits her. Add one of those hats and it'll be perfecto in my book. Well well well what do ya know, i suddenly like cats now. I was hoping for a cat named Simon to be in the 'Baka Neko Baka Bakanekoeboxhbec' cat video :(

  2. In Juice=Juice Karin seems to get the most lead vocals but I think Tomoko is better as she has much more range. Sayuki though could be the best vocalist in the group, always felt a bit sorry for her in the 'Budokan' drama when the gals had to do that swimsuit photo shoot. Know it was just a drama but think many events were based upon what the group dealt with on a daily basis.

  3. Oh man that swimsuit looked teeeerrible without the cut. Looked like a tight as dress.

  4. It did look fairly terrible, Sayuki isn't the thinnest of gals but never really thought she was overweight as very few can be as thin as Yuka is. Maybe I should work on doing a solo post for her, know the least about her than any other JJ member.