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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode eight recap and screenshots

 Just two more shows to go for this ten episode series which aired back in 2010, will have the final two recaps next week. Another so-so show but still an enjoyable view, least when an episode is only 25 or so minutes long they fly by. My other recent drama watches have been mainly with very serious plots so nice to kick back and watch one that's somewhat fun.
 Title for this episode was "ESPer versus ESPer", title was much better than the show. Erina is slowly getting her powers under control but not to the point where she's allowed to use them in public. Her training at the Kokueken Institute were supposed to teach her how to use her powers in public for the betterment of mankind, at the Institute Erina failed miserably at controlling her powers.
 This episode Erina wandered into a small cafe where she saw a sign advertising an ESP show. Wasn't the show she was expecting as the ESPers(is that right?) didn't have any powers and it was all a setup between three women and their manager. Even though the whole act was planned out all of them failed at guessing cards and tricks like that until Erina was asked to come up to the stage.

 On the stage Erina was asked to choose three cards from a deck and to see if one of the women could guess what the cards were. Before that happened Erina told them what the cards were even though she hadn't seen them and she was 100% correct in her prediction. That drew the ire of the the other fake ESPers and there was a challenge set up between Erina and the one named Junjun. Not sure if the female who played the character was an Hello Project member, every episode has always had a guest appearance from one but unsure if there was one was on the show unless it was Junjun.
 Right before the challenge was about to commence Erina somehow was whisked away once again to the studio of S/Mileage's radio show. And as I've said in almost every recap these scenes are the highlights of a show. True those scenes are lame to the Nth degree but they are kind of funny, I actually can't wait for those radio shows to happen.
 Erina gets transported back again to the street where the cafe was located on, the other four had been out searching for her to settle the ESP challenge. Finally the four found her back where they started and it was time for the challenge which Erina should win easily as she's the only one with real powers but could she control them to win?

  Erina wasn't allowed to use her powers to bend a spoon and win the challenge so we'll never know if she could have controlled them. Her Institute Chief knew what she was about to do, it was against the rules for her to use her powers in front of any regular humans so he was able to sabotage the challenge and stop her before she revealed what she really was.
 The main part of the episode ended there but Erina concludes each show with a diary entry. In it she wrote that even though she's been trying so hard she still hasn't fully learned how to use her powers, she better learn soon as there's only two more episodes.
 Have mentioned it before but you can view this drama on Daily Motion though the quality isn't as good as the version I have, it's not difficult to find a site with this better version. Would like to find more of these Hello Project shows but don't think there's been any of them since 2012, if I'm wrong let me know as I really enjoy these kinds of shows.

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