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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo" "W" drama episode six recap and screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 Episode five was an interesting watch though much slower than the previous shows but did end on an exciting note. Kang had been pointing a pistol at Oh, none of us including Kang and Oh thought he would pull the trigger but as that episode ended that's precisely what Kang did.
 Kang didn't miss either as it hit Oh squarely in the chest, he's now dying on the floor. There was nothing Kang to do so he left Oh's house and as he did so he ran into Oh's assistant Park. Once again someone was shocked as Park had helped draw the "W" webtoon, now the main character was leaving the house with a smoking gun! Park called the police who arrived with an ambulance, naturally Park couldn't tell the police that a webtoon character shot his boss.
 Though critically injured Oh survived with some help from his daughter Yeon-Joo who is an intern at the hospital he was brought to. While at the hospital Yeon-Joo received a call from Oh's editor, someone had uploaded a new episode of the webtoon, if Oh was shot who did it? That's another mystery yet to be cleared up, though Oh does most of the webtoon's drawings some other force often changes what he's done, who or what is this mysterious force?

 That new episode appears to be the final one as in the last scene Kang threw himself off of the Han bridge and looks like he has drowned. And for a while we think that too as nothing new happens for two months, Oh has been released from the hospital and his life appears much calmer without having to draw the webtoon. His editor has had a proposal to make the webtoon into a film, however he needs Oh to change that final scene as so many fans didn't like the conclusion. Oh refused to alter it at all, he had tried earlier but was unable to change what that mysterious force had written.
 However it's not the conclusion to anything by a long shot, after those two months of bliss things start going haywire again. Yeon-Joo gets set up on a blind date with the nerd of all nerds. She excuses herself to use the restroom where the mystery starts right back up where it had ended. Somehow Yeon-Joo gets dragged back into the webtoon world, she ended up in the Han river with Kang.
 She tried and tried but there was no way she could reach Kang to save him, she was only in the webtoon world for about a minute as she was whisked back into her own world.
 Yeon-Joo tracked down Park and explained what had just happened to her, he believed her as she was soaked from being in the river but what could he do? Being Oh's assistant Yeon-Joo thought he could change the ending, perhaps it was a sign going into the webtoon world to change that ending.

 Oh had gone away on vacation to recuperate from his wound so it was up to Park to try to change the ending and have Kang survive. Park did change the ending many times but nothing changed, Kang was still drowning and Yeon-Joo hadn't revisited the webtoon world. What Park attempted to do wasn't successful but think just because someone tried to change the ending it woke up that mysterious force as now the ending was changed. Instead of Kang drowning the final words to that scene changed, now it reads 'to be continued'.
 Not sure if it was a good thing for Yeon-Joo that the final scene of the webtoon was changed. Before you could snap a finger she was again found herself in the webtoon world. When she had left the last time she was in prison awaiting trial, this is where she reappeared. Not sure why she was facing trial as she hadn't done anything criminal. all she ever did was disappear after saving Kang's life. However Yeon-Joo woke up in the webtoon world with a huge smile on her face, she wasn't happy being in prison but her reappearance meant that Kang was still alive.
 Kang was till alive as he was lying in his bed at his penthouse. When he woke up he was wondering what happened, last thing he recalled was drowning in the Han river, how did he end up in his bed?

 Finally getting the hang of recapping dramas a bit better, been giving enough of the main plot but not enough to spoil it for those who haven't started the series yet. No doubt the viewers in Korea are really enjoying this series, so far the ratings for the series keep rising. Don't have the ratings for this week yet but after averaging 9.1% in week one the second week averaged close to 13%, Korean dramas air two episodes a week.
 This series has really gotten me so much more interested in dramas again, maybe not so much Japanese shows but Korean ones for sure. If I can find the time have plans to also start watching "Squad 38" and "My Lawyer, Mr Jo", also am currently watching "Bring it on Ghost". Perhaps I should break my leg or do something like that so I can stay home and watch dramas all day, then again would need to set up a fund for all of you to support me!
 Will be back next week with episodes seven and eight, been a while since I can't wait to watch the next episodes of a drama. Hyo-Joo has looked so superb in all of the shows but in this episode she truly set a new standard, wow is she one attractive woman.
EDIT: Don't know what the numbers for episode six were but just found out the rating for the fifth episode was 13.5% which is another record for the drama.

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