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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W' drama episodes eight and nine recaps with screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 Every episode has been a sold watch but those first two episodes were so hard to top. However this episode may have been the best one to date or at least the first 45+ minutes of it. Quite a bit happened so this may be a long recap though I'll attempt to keep it somewhat short.
EDIT: Didn't keep it short, you'll find out why if you read this all the way through.
 At the conclusion of the seventh episode Kang had received two calls that were ID blocked, the caller appears to be the killer of his family. We don't see the killer though his words show up in the air, that may be a special effect for us viewers. This time the killer has threatened Kang's new wife Yeon-Joo, that's where the last episode ended and this one began.

 Much of what happens in this and the next episode are dream sequences though we don't know that until after the fact. It was a sham marriage at first but Kang and Yeon-Joo really do care for each other, Kang is trying so hard to make the marriage work. The pair is planning on making their first public appearance at the Blue House which is the residence of the Korean head of state. The dream sequence was them attending the special dinner and impressing everyone with their dancing and for the fact that they were so much in love.
 However in the non-dream world that event didn't happen as Kang was now too scared to bring Yeon-Joo anywhere after those threats, she's getting antsy being so cooped up. Unable to go out to eat the pair decide to cook their own dinner, both seem a bit inept at cooking. Yeon-Joo happens to cut her finger though it wasn't a major cut but the point is that she bled. In the webtoon world Yeon-Joo isn't supposed to bleed, even when Kang had shot her it didn't happen.
 But that cut had a major effect on Kang's emotions, when he feels a certain way Yeon-Joo either gets transported to her world or the webtoon world. This time she ended up back in her own world but unknown to her and all of us that was the worst thing that could have happened to her.

  We didn't learn this until the next episode but will tell you what it is which is that the mysterious killer of Kang's family is now in the real world. He followed Kang when there was a portal in the webtoon to enter the real world but unlike Kang he's stuck there. Makes me wonder how Kang was able to receive those threatening calls from him then?
 The killer is now after Yeon-Joo as he's furious that she's saved Kang's life three times, we still don't know why he has a grudge against him and his deceased family. The killer threatens Yeon-Joo on the phone, she was able to escape with the help of Oh's assistant Park. There's no escaping this hooded figure though as he can transport himself anywhere, even in the real world. He corners the pair as they're trapped in Park's car and he fires his pistol at Yeon-Joo. Right before the bullet was about to strike her she gets transported back into the webtoon world, the action in this episode was so back and forth plus often at times quite confusing.
 So now Yeon-Joo is reunited with Kang but he has another problem which is with his assistant So-Hee. She's still upset that Kang got married, she always thought that she would be his wife along with all the viewers of the "W" manga and webtoon. Now that she wasn't needed in the story she began to slowly disappear right in front of Kang's eyes. He realized what was happening and told her the marriage was a sham and he truly does care about her. This worked as So-Hee stopped disappearing and became solid again. That will happen to any of the characters in the webtoon, if they're no longer needed then they will simply disappear.

 Doing a good job at keeping this short so also going to include the episode nine recap in this post, for the first time not much happened in a show until the very end. At the conclusion of the eighth episode Kang and Yeon-Joo were on the roof of his penthouse when he brought up a solution to all of the misery. That solution is not a good one as he proposes to fall off the roof, if he's no longer living then Yeon-Joo should be able to return to the real world. His slowly falling off the roof is the event which brings us to the ninth episode.
 Before his fall Kang gave Yeon-Joo a flash drive to give to her father who is the writer of the "W" webtoon. There are quite a few messages on it but the main one is to have all that has happened in the last two months be a dream of Kang's. His thinking was that everything will go back to normal and no one should have any memories of what happened.
 However Yeon-Joo's father Oh is on a plane to New Zealand so he won't be able to write a new chapter for the story in time. On his plane though the hooded killer shows up when Oh is in the restroom, he too threatens Oh but can't get out of him the reasons for why Kang keeps getting saved. So if this hooded killer hasn't been rewriting the webtoon or doing the new chapters is there another character we haven't met yet?

 After this incident Oh rushes back to Korea as he fears his daughter's life is in danger. He's right about that as Yeon-Joo would be a dead woman except for the fact that she happened to transport to the webtoon world instead of taking a bullet in her head. Oh discovers the flash drive when Yeon-Joo was sleeping, don't think she had any intention of giving it to her father. Oh was able to write a new story that surprisingly wasn't rewritten by whoever.
 That story was what Kang wanted as all the events from the last two months were just a dream that Kang had. Things are back to normal in the webtoon world, no one there remembers anything about Yeon-Joo or the hooded killer. But Yeon-Joo, her father and Park remember everything, perhaps because they're real humans. This episode was kind of slow for a long stretch, the first bit was fine along with the last fifteen minutes but the middle part really dragged so let's get to the events of the last few minutes.

 The last two months may have been written as a dream but Oh realizes he needs to end the webtoon for the same events could happen all over again. A happy ending is what Kang had requested, a happy ending for him would be finding out who the killer of his family is. However Kang has been looking for the killer for ten years, it would be hard to fool him with just any character being the killer. But Oh did create a new character in the image of himself, one that had tried to kill Kang three times before.
 This worked as in the webtoon world there was footage of Oh, who named himself Han in the story, leaving the scene of one of the attempted murders on Kang. Han was arrested shortly after and confessed to murdering Kang's family, seems like an open and shut case. It was far from that as shortly after his arrest Han was pushed out of his jail cell window and died. However he was holding a note saying he didn't commit the murders and Kang had bribed him to say that.
 His fake suicide was set up by a prosecutor who is also named Han, we haven't seen him for quite a few episodes but he holds a grudge against Kang as he felt he murdered his own family. It was discovered that Han had staged the fake suicide so he was arrested as his superior set him up when he refused to resign from the prosecutor's office. Have a feeling we'll be hearing more from him as his grudge is a very intense one, there has to be other reasons that he despises Kang so much.

 Getting to be quite long but this here is what happened in the final scene, many questions are unanswered of what happened, hard to tell anymore what's real and what's a dream. Somehow Yeon-Joo gets transported back into the webtoon world, we don't know how as she was supposed to have no more ties with that world. She ends up at the her hospital though it's a different name in the webtoon, she arrived to discover a very upsetting event.
 A hooded killer had gone to the studio of Kang's TV show whose purpose was to look for his family's murderer. He proceeded to shoot anyone he could as he ended up murdering eight people and injuring at least 15 more. All were rushed to the hospital where Yeon-Joo was helping to save the survivors. Kang asked her to help him, he naturally now has no memory of who Yeon-Joo is and she is very distraught by not being part of his life anymore.
 In the thrilling conclusion the hooded killer exposes his face on TV, to their surprise and ours it's wasn't the killer who we expected. Underneath the hood was none other than Yeon-Joo's father Oh, Han in the webtoon. Where did he come from as he was supposed to be dead after getting pushed out of a window at the jail? We kind of get a partial answer as in the real world Oh's face has disappeared, someone stole it and is using it in the webtoon world. What a confusing final ten minutes in this episode was but though a slow episode it was an excellent ending.

 Wasn't planning on recapping two episodes, it was a spur of the moment decision halfway through as I just didn't want to do two long posts. As mentioned episode eight may have been the best one so far, the ninth show for the first time was a so-so one until the final 15 or so minutes. However that confusing ending almost made up for the sluggish middle part and it does set up the next episode quite nicely. Even though this was a long recap there were still some events I probably didn't cover too much so you can view many screenshots here which should have some of the things I left out. Also Hyo-Joo fans probably want to see more pics of her, she wasn't in as many scenes in episode nine. Need to do another post of other things for her soon as I've been slowing down on them.

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