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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Han Hyo-Joo: "W' drama episodes ten and eleven screenshots

 Start Date: July 20th, 2016.. airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on MBC 

Main Cast:

Han Hyo-Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo
Lee Jung-Suk as Kang Chul
Jeong Eu-Gene as Yoon So-Hee
Lee Tae-Hwan as Seo Do-Yoon
Park Won-Song as Han Chul-ho
Kim Eui-Sung as Oh Sung-Moo
Lee Si-Un as Park Soo-Bong

 For a while it may have appeared as though I would recap all sixteen episodes but that's not going to be the case. Usually for Korean dramas I'll recap the first five or so episodes then the last 2-3 shows because there's so many episodes. Doing nine to date wasn't planned so am going to stop with that episode for now. But won't be stopping these posts for the show completely, have this one for screenshots and then will do another post of screenshots for episodes 12-14.
 Then I'll do the recaps for the final two shows and may briefly explain some of the events that happened before that. Just have been doing so many of these recaps that I'm starting to get a bit burnt out from them, will have a few more this week for the "My Lawyer, Mr. Jo" series.
 Briefly, in these two episodes Yeon-Joo keeps hopping back between the real and webtoon worlds. Yeon-Joo's father Oh had managed to rewrite the "W" story a bit so that everything that had taken place was a dream, so know when Yeon-Joo gets transported back in to the webtoon world Kang forgets who she is. Kang is in serious trouble, Oh's father is being made to write new stories and in one of them Kang's head of security is shot and Kang is left literally holding the gun.
 Kang is innocent but can't prove it so he flees but in his escape is shot by a security officer. Yeon-Joo goes with him and is able to save him as she returns to her own world and is able to send him medicine and instructions on what to do with them. Kang was able to remove the bullet and after two months is completely recovered.
 Yeon-Joo returns to the world and is able to track him down in the village of Sinori, there she joins up with Kang as he is still a wanted man. Not a long recap but for the most part that's where the story stands at the end of the eleventh episode. And as mentioned will do a post of screenshots for the next three episodes and recap completely the last two shows.
 Han-Hyo just looks so tremendous that I felt something needed to be done for her even if it is a short post. She's one of those woman who doesn't need to dressed to the nines or be skimpily dressed to look so hot. Did take more screenshots of her than usual in these two episodes, may help you to follow the action a bit better too. Ratings have been consistent the last few weeks for the series, these two episodes had ratings of 12.3 and 12.2%.

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