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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Akari Suda: "AKB Horror Night" drama episode two recap and screenshots

 This series ran last Autumn with a start date of October 7th, the series aired Wednesdays on TV-Asahi and they had twenty episodes plus there were twenty more that were streamed. That means there was a total of 40 episodes, each one featured a different member of the 'AKB family'. At the end of the forty shows there was a vote between the fans, producers and other staff on which member had the best acting performance, the winner would star in her own horror drama.
 Didn't hear who the official winner was but presume it was Jurina as she's now starring in the drama "Death Cash", first two episodes of the series were fairly good and it looks like a promising show. I recapped three episodes of this drama already and would have liked to have done more but whoever was subbing it dropped the project after ten episodes. Wouldn't have watched every show but would have enjoyed viewing the ones with my fave members.

 Akari is certainly one of my fave members so naturally had to watch her episode, three posts in three days for her and hopefully many more will be coming up. She plays Mikie in this episode who works as a waitress in a small ramen shop. Mikie has quite a crush on the young manager Shigeru and really would do anything to be with him, she told him that in the beginning.
 Mikie convinced Shigeru to invite her to his house, she's planning on making it a very long night with him. She needs to use the restroom at his house but before Mikie goes Shigeru warns her not to look in any other room, he had a very creepy look on his face telling her that. Naturally Mikie was a bit curious about the rest of the house and started checking out a few of the rooms, big mistake on her part when she entered a basement room.

 In the room Mikie found a vat filled with soup that was cooking, Shigeru was known for his excellent soup and she thought he just prepared it home. However as Mikie was tasting the delicious soup she saw an arm in it, looks like we know the secret ingredient which made his soup taste so good and "Soup" was the title of this episode.
 The arm belonged to Satomi, another waitress at the ramen shop who hadn't shown up that day for work, looks like she had a good reason for her absence. Suddenly Shigeru bursts into the room and is about to make Mikie the main ingredient for his next soup. She escapes but not for too long as Shigeru eventually nabs her, shortly after we see Mikie in another vat as she'll be the special soup tomorrow in the shop and probably a very tasty one too. At the shop another waitress had started, won't be long before she appears on the menu.

 If you thought that was a short recap you're right but hard to stretch it out any longer as these episodes are only eleven minutes. Usually do prefer short episodes but kind of wish these had run for 15-20 minutes as they're fairly good watches but things happen too quickly. As mentioned only about ten of the forty shows were subbed which is a shame as most of my faves appeared in the episodes that weren't subbed. Few more screenshots for you to enjoy, perhaps I'll check out the other subbed episodes even if they don;t have my fave members as this is an okay drama though a bit campy.

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