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Friday, August 19, 2016

Nogizaka46: The "Pairs" post #6- birthday girl(!) Mai Shiraishi and....

 Actually Mai's 24th b-day doesn't happen until tomorrow but may not be around for it. That above pic is from over three years ago as her looks have really changed over the years, especially compared to her pics from 2011 when the group was started. Just occurred to me now that the 'official anniversary' of the group will be on the 22nd as on that date back in 2011 the first 36 members were chosen.
 Not going to have a special post for her b-day, no new pics plus as you know have just started on my 'Top ten fave member list'. Mai has definitely has made the cut so she'll have an extra big post coming up for that. Few more solo pics before she's joined by someone else.

 Been a while since I've done one of these 'pairs' posts so thought this would be a good idea for a mini celebration, wonder what lucky member will have the honor?

 Gulp, wonder what the words were after 'then I'll'? Would like to find out so looks like for Mai's fourth appearance in a 'pairs' post she may have her best partner yet.

 Sure you all know these battery mates from the "Hatsumori Bemars" drama, have said other pairs are hard to top but this duo may just be able to do that!

 Of course joining Mai today is Misa, she's another member who will be upcoming in my 'Top ten fave member list' and she's going to rank right near the top. What I've noticed is that she appeared so often with the departed Mai F. in things, that pair may have more pics together than any other duo.  Forget what number episode of 'NOGIBINGO!' this was but it's been one of their better shows as there was a cooking competition. Three teams were involved with the winning team being the 'M Team' consisting of Mai, Mai and Misa. Actually Misa impressed me and almost everyone on the set with her culinary skills.

 For a long time have been wishing for a Misa solo photobook, naturally Mai has had one and she was the first member to have a PB. Nothing more to add except hope you'll enjoy these dazzling pics from this stunning pair, actually a PB with just the two of them would be a nice idea and unfortunately there's no video out there that just features the two of them.

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