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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode five recap and screenshots

 Been close to two months since the last recap, reason for that is because I didn't have episodes five or six for this ten episode series. Luckily do have them now so should be finishing it up sometime next week and will have mini recaps for all of the shows. Recaps are mini as the episodes are only a little over 24 minutes long, to me that's a perfect length for a drama.
 Seems when I have a question some viewer out there will have the answer and I thank everyone for their help. Japan has quite a few of these late night dramas which average around 25 minutes, to me they're much better than prime time shows. The question is are there these kinds of dramas in Korea? Been much more into Korean dramas lately and if they do have late night shows like this one would like to check them out. Do know many Idol groups have short dramas/variety shows, do they air late at night?

 If this is your first time reading about this show would suggest checking out the post for episode one as most of the background info about what's happening is in that post. However it's been a while since a post for this show so will briefly catch everyone up on a few details.
 Erina goes by her regular name in this series, she is an 18 year old living at the Kokueken National Research Center, it is a place for those who have ESP and other special powers. Most learn how to use their powers correctly so they can live in the real world and they end up leaving at a young age Erina is the oldest student at the center as she hasn't come close to learning how to use her powers properly and it looked like she would spend the rest of her life there.
 However in episode one she was able to convince the chief to let her live in the real world, perhaps it would be easier to learn her powers there. So every episode is centered around Erina adapting to how people live in the world outside the center and she seems to be catching on rather quickly.
 Title for this episode is "Words of a Wise Man", sometimes the titles don't always match up to what happens in a show and this was one of those cases. Erina had been strolling along the street one day when a thief snatches her purse away from her. In a rage she attempts to stop him by freezing time on him, that spell backfired and time stopped for everyone. Erina was able to undo the spell and luckily right after that a man was able to get her purse back.

 The man told Erina he was a talent scout and wants to sign her for his agency, they agree to meet the next day. As usual before the event strange things happen in Erina's life one of which that she made another appearance on the S/Mileage radio show which she has done every episode. To me these are always the highlights of the show, not that anything important happens but it's so unfunny that it turns out to be quite funny, they rotate which S/Mileage members appear in each episode.
 A H!P member also makes an appearance in each show, making a return visit is Ai Takahashi who we met in the first show. She's supposed to be overseeing Erina in the real world and trying to make sure she stays out of trouble so wonder where she's been these last few shows. Ai warns Erina that an evil organization is targeting her and she'll be hiding out to save her if needed. Ai also has with her a
an android named Bunkyouku who should be able to defeat any evil force.
 Shortly after the talent scout shows up to meet Erina but that's just a front as he's an agent for that secret organization which so far is unnamed. Doesn't look like Erina will be able to get out that scrap but to her surprise the chief shows up followed quickly by Ai and the android who was able to defeat the very lame agent.

 Besides the radio show Erina also makes an appearance in the same studio for a TV show. She's somehow become a respected judge for evaluating talent and once again she has to judge some people auditioning for a show. Theme for the audition were for hot pots and the wanna-be actors try to do a skit trying to make hot posts appear funny, like all of the other topics it failed miserably.
 That really finishes off this recap, every show follows the same order of what happens in a day. Erina wakes up and is going to try something new in the real world. Then she makes an appearance at the radio show and to be a judge auditioning new talent, then the show goes back to the original theme for the last few minutes. So far every show has followed that pattern, prefer things that are unpredictable but in this case it works well enough.
 Think these kind of short, quirky and off the wall dramas are harder to recap then one hour serious dramas. Bit harder to put weirdness into words which is why shows like this are much better viewing than reading about so guess that means i would recommend watching this show but it would help if you're a H!P fan. The next post has the recap for episode six which will be shorter as that opening paragraph won't be there along with that brief summary of what happened prior to this show.

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