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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode nine recap and screenshots

 Wasn't going to watch the last two episodes until next week but am watching so many series at once thought it was time to start finishing a few of them up. This drama was ten episodes long and the recap for the finale is in the next post. Sure most are like me and prefer reading shorter reviews, hopefully I can please us all then as this should be a shorter one as there were only two scenes.

 First eight episodes Erina always transported to the S/Mileage radio show about halfway through and stayed in the studio with the gals for about four minutes. This time after a very brief opening segment Erina once again was transported to their radio show but stayed there for about eleven minutes, for a change it was on her 'to do list'.
 Same kind of scene as all the others though this one was much better as it was so longer. The two S/Mileage members answered fan letters on their show with normal responses, as usual Erina turned a few heads with her quirky answers. Realize these scenes are kind of lame and juvenile but they've been my fave scenes for every episode, think you need to view them to appreciate what I'm trying to say. Actually the total length of the scenes was about 44 minutes, could have a whole episode then just devoted to that radio show. Haven't mentioned them before but the two producers in the sound booth also were quite funny and did make these scenes so much better.

 As mentioned only two scenes in this episode, after Erina left the radio studio she stopped at a cafe for a quick drink. The Hello Project member who made a guest appearance on this show was Aika Mitsui, just looked her up as I didn't know anything about her but seems to be a very cute gal.
 Aika, though only 18, owned the cafe Erina stopped at. Aika was definitely a space cadet and said she had been working full time at jobs since she was six years old! There were a few unfunny moments during the cafe scene, some shop owner from next door came to try to sell items on the air and he may have been the worst guest of them all.
 Aika's father showed up to trying to borrow money as he was out of work and owed some loan sharks money, he's the reason Aika had to start working at such a young age. Suddenly a pair of men who claimed to be the loan sharks showed up but they were actually in disguise as they were members of the unnamed secret organization that are after ESPer's, will call the S.O. for now on.
 They captured Erina and a special bracelet they put on her disabled her powers, looks like death is impending. Luckily for Erina her Chief suddenly appeared to save her from the two S.O. members. She was able to flee but the Chief was being overpowered by the two hooligans, was this to be the end of him? That we don't know as upon the screen 'To be continued next episode' appeared.

 That cafe scene was honestly not all that good until those two S.O. thugs showed up. What saved the show was that long scene of Erina visiting the S/Mileage radio show, think those have been my fave scenes in all of the nine episodes. The recap for the tenth and concluding episode is in the next post, hope to keep the recap just as short. Easier to do that with short shows like this which just last for 25 minutes, impossible to have a short recap for dramas like "W" which is an hour long and has about twenty subplots.

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