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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode six recap and screenshots

 This will be much shorter than the above recap and as mentioned in the above post quirky dramas like these are so much better when you view them versus reading about them. Hope these recaps have gotten a few of you interested in the series, it's not the easiest one to find but it's not too difficult either. Think it's still on Daily Motion but noticed the videos there of this show aren't of the greatest quality, drop a comment if you need help finding it somewhere else. Then again if you don't want to download it then watching the videos of DM should be good enough for you.

 This episode's title was "The Voice of Money", kind of related to the main topic for a change. Show starts off with Erina sitting in a coffee shop where she notices a man wandering around and talking nonsense. She invites him to sit down and in a very long scene he tries to describe to Erina what's happening in his life but instead of just telling her straight out he talks in metaphors. Erina finally gets to learn his name which is Yamada who owns a company and is quite wealthy.
 His problem is that he can't locate his son who is in his young 30's, has be run away or possibly been kidnapped? Erina uses her powers at the shop and says to Yamada his son is still in Tokyo and she will help him find his son. The son is in Tokyo and as that scene went on he was at a bar as he was totally smitten with the female bartender who was using him for his money and gave him a huge list of things to buy her.
 Every episode features a guest  H!P member and for this show Reina Tanaka was that guest. She played the bartender who is using the young Yamada to get him to buy everything a woman would want but soon that evilness will come to a tragic ending.

 Erina is helping Yamada look for his son and they decide to split up. Erina tries to teleport somewhere but as usual she messes up and ends up at her usual spot. That usual spot when she messes up is at the studio of the S/Mileage radio show, once again for me the highlight of this episode. Won't get into too many details but the two members answer letters from fans about themselves and they usually answer with normal responses. Of course Erina also answers the questions but she always talks about her experiences at the ESP Center which naturally draws many odd looks from everyone in the studio.
 Erina's powers finally come through for her as she's able to locate the younger Yamada at the bar. He refuses to go home with his father and in a strange sequence Reina starts using powers on them to make their moods about each other change. She does that mainly to keep the young Yamada just as he is, a guy who will by her everything her heart desires.
 Reina is an agent for that still unnamed secret organization and uses her powers to trap Erina. It appears living in the real world is paying off for Erina as once again she was able to use her powers effectively and escape from Reina's spell. However she may have used her powers too strongly as shortly after Reina died, tehn again we're not positive if Erina was the reason for that as the episode ends there with the Yamadas walking out happily as together.

 If you never watch this drama then you're really not missing anything as in a way you could call it a very lame and inane show. However these late night quirky shows with Idols are among my favorites, in an odd way they're just so enjoyable to view. Lately been watching so many serious dramas so it's nice to have a change of pace like this one, to me they're aren't enough of these kinds of shows.
 Not sure when the next recaps will be, have four more shows to watch but first hope to do recaps for the "Death Cash" and "W" dramas. Been a shortage of Erina happenings lately, last year she was in quite a few movies but doesn't have any for this year nor is she in any upcoming dramas but that could change for the Autumn season.
 Perhaps a photobook is in the works, there's been one every year since 2009 and in 2013 there were two books released, let's keep our fingers crossed. Been watching so many dramas lately my film watching has been nonexistent but still do plan on watching her 2015 movie "Tag' which I've heard is one that shouldn't be missed.

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