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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 blog pics #20(?)

 The group performed a few concerts this weekend at the Aichi Nippon Gaishi Hall, wonder what the response of this pair was when 10,000+ screaming fans asked how they felt about Nao?

 Hmmmm, really hate to disappoint anybody, especially a pair like them! So guess I had better.... wait(!), once again someone has hacked into a live post that I'm writing!

 This is one of the few times I'm left speechless, hopefully they'll let me view the epic battle! Speaking of sleeping appears Nanami finally woke up long enough to post two blog pics after a 31 day absence, but only two new pics? Least the second one looks mighty fine, gulp.... we may be seeing more Nanami as she'll be hosting the 'Girls Locks!' show the week after this one.

 Mentioned at the very top the group performed three shows at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Aichi. The attendance for sporting events is 10,000 but would think it's higher for concerts as they can set up so many seats on the playing field, surprised they didn't have the shows in nearby Nagoya which has much bigger venues.
 Kind of a slow few days of new things for the group, think there were only four posts last week for them. They do have a good excuse as they were at those concerts and they also did appear on a few music shows the last week. No idea what the second week sales for "Hadashi de Summer" are, Oricon only lists the daily sales figures for that day's top three so obviously the group didn't hit the top three this week.
 The group's second photobook was released on Friday and it contains some of their most memorable pics. Will wait a bit longer before posting the whole PB, like to wait until a book has been out for over a week as not to affect sales as I prefer to err on the side of caution. Do have a few more leaked pics though, some of these Undergirl members really look so superb.

 When there's zero new things to post about always have blog pics to fall back on, not as many these last few days due to the concerts. Unlike the above member who only uploaded two pics this last month this pair of Miria and Marika post at least two a day!

 Mai has even been adding pics to her blog, she's another one who doesn't update it enough. Most of her pics are with Erika, wonder if I had a 'pairs post' for this duo? If not they certainly will have one coming up soon.

 Last member is Hinako, wish that first pic wasn't so distorted.

 Last set of pics are some group ones, noticed the Undergirls tend to post many of them together and many of these were of these were probably taken in or around Aichi.


  1. they chose the worst possible picture for nakada kana

  2. She has better pics for sure but you can definitely see what they wanted to emphasize.

    1. i suppose strength of arms, broadness of shoulders and lastly greatness of chest


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