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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #47 and more....

 Kind of been a slow period for new Nogi things, perhaps if this continues I'll finally work on that 'Nogi Wedding' post this weekend. Then again, it's been so long since I first brought that idea up probably nobody wants it any more....

 ..... hmmmm, you could take what she said a few different ways, hope she's thinking the way I am!

 "Hadashi de Summer" had solid sales in it's second week out selling a bit over 33,000 copies. That's a group record for second week sales and the total figure stands at 761,000 copies sold. it's already the group's second biggest selling single. The record is around 830,000 for "Harujoin ga Saku koro" which was the group's previous single. So this one needs 70,000 more copies to be sold to set a record, could be tough with new singles coming out by AKB and SKE but then again these gals have proved nothing is impossible.
 Yawnnnn, just so, so tired right now as last night's sleep kept getting interrupted every five seconds by thinking of this pic....

 Really hope Kazumi's first photobook will be a huge seller, she really deserves to be so much more popular but from those comments about her post yesterday she does have some fans here. Plus if it sells well that means more members may have a PB, Misa is also a member who truly merits one as she proves that fact here. Sigh, looks like there's going to be two pics interrupting my sleep again tonight though that may not be a bad thing.

 The group performed three concerts in Aichi last weekend, was looking up what that word meant. Know Ai means love, Chi has several meanings but the Kanji symbol they use means wisdom, together not sure what it's supposed to mean. Have a few group Aichi concert cards featuring Nanami, Nanase and Mai.

 The slowdown on mag spreads is continuing as there's just two new ones for today but both rate an A++++. Checked and did do a 'pairs post' for Erika and Mai, however they've been in so many pics recently a second post for the duo may be in the works. This tantalizing set is from the August 24th/31st issue of Weekly Shonen, it's two issues as I think there's a national holiday in Japan coming up which means most mags combine two issues together.

 Other set is another solo one of Nanase's from volume 33 of UTB+, after going so many months without a solo spread she's had two in the last week.

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