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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kang So-Ra: "My Lawyer, Mr. Jo" drama episode rwo recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: March 28 - May 31, 2016.... Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS2
Episode two rating: 10.5%(+1.9%)
+/- for rating is the change from the previous episode

Main Cast:

Park Shin-Yang as Jo Deul-Ho
Kang So-Ra as Lee Eun-Jo
Ryu Soo-Young as Shin Ji-Wook
Park Sol-Mi as Jang Hae-Kyung
Kim Kap-Soo as Shin Young-II
Kang Shin-II as Jang Shin-Woo
Jo Han-Chul as Kim Tae-Jung
Jing Won-Joong as CEO Jung
Hwang Suk-Jung as Hwang Ae-Ra
Chol Jae-Hwan as Kang-II Goo

 Let's hope this is shorter than the first episode's recap but most first shows take much longer to summarize. For the first 5+ episodes the rating numbers were like a yo-yo, that's a big increase above from the first show and then the opposite happened for the next episode before it began to level out.

 The main character in this show is Jo, three years ago he was one of the top prosecutors for the Seoul office. However two cases brought him down, not that he lost them but both involved a shady CEO with connections to the prosecutor's office. Because of the CEO Jo lost his position, his wife and really everything as for most of the first episode he lived on the streets.
 But at the end of that first episode Jo heard about one of those cases being re-tried, though he was no longer a prosecutor he still had a legal document to participate in the trial. The trial was for an arson case that happened three years ago, one man perished in the fire and thanks to the CEO they found a scapegoat to accept the blame. Jo didn't buy it though and was able to stop the case from going to trial, that started Jo on his quick descent to homelessness.

 The other main character is the newbie attorney Lee who is the counsel for the alleged criminal in the arson case. This man, Byun, was at the warehouse when the fire took place but he was innocent though no one listened to nor believed him except Jo. Jo may not be working for the prosecutor's office these days but he didn't lose him law license, now he's working with Lee to defend Byun but actually it seems they're working against each other.
 Lee wants to submit a plea of insanity, Jo won't let Byun allow her to do that because even though he wouldn't go to jail it'd be like an admission of guilt. Plus if that happens then the case would be closed and there would be no chance for the real criminal to be caught. Jo has an unorthodox way of doing things but they work, he doesn't usually go by the book, On the other hand Lee who is on her first major case does tend to go by the book/rules as she's such a novice in court and so far they've clashed int he courtroom a few times.
 Not really sure what the situation with Jo is, he is helping the defendant but must be doing it for free as Lee's law firm didn't hire him nor did the defendant. After being homeless for so long Jo doesn't have many assets but he knows how to get by as he was able to obtain a rundown office plus his previous secretary is back working with him.

 The whole episode was all about this one case so will just fill in some details about it. The accused man Byun was at the arson scene, he was homeless at the time and was sleeping after having had too much to drink. He did notice the getaway car but couldn't see any of the people clearly. Why he is on trial as two years before that he had set fire to his restaurant, the authorities thought he was a repeat offender and no one except for Jo would listen to his whole story.
 The real arsonist was the CEO Jung's son so we know why he is trying to get a scapegoat to take the fall. Jung knows that Jo is quite the lawyer, realizing that he could be the one man to take him down was why he framed Jo in the first place three years ago forcing him to lose everything. Also with Jung's son that night was possibly Byun's son, when he was being interviewed by Jo and Lee they noticed burns on his arms, what does he have to do with the arson?
 One other thing is that there were six cameras at the arson scene, however only five of the tapes were recovered as someone has stolen the one that has the actual evidence of who was at the scene. That someone could be a Detective Kim who we met briefly but will be making a few more appearances. He was the main investigator for the case, shortly after the announcement came that there would be no trial he took an early retirement and opened a restaurant. However it looks more like a case of being forced out by the CEO Jung and his cronies at the prosecutor's office, to Jo Kim could hold the key(s) to this case but Kim refuses to help.

 No cliffhanger to end the episode off as the show concluded with the trial in it's third day. One other note which needs to be brought up is about the prosecutor Shin in this case. he's the son of Jo's former boss but his father doesn't think he will be able to defeat Jo in court. Shin's father didn't tell him that but Shin overheard a conversation between him and Jung, he also overheard in that conversation that Jung's son was the arsonist and murderer! No idea yet how this will affect the case.
 Also really no idea yet about the relationship between Jo and Lee, they are working together in the behalf of Byun but what's going to happen at the conclusion of the trail is unknown. Would be very easy to check it out but like a little bit of mystery of not knowing what may happen, sometimes going cold into a series has it's advantages.
 More did happen in this episode but it doesn't make sense telling you 100% of what happened, just enough for you to have a good idea of what the drama is like and to perhaps make you curious enough to watch it. So far will admit this series has been better than expected, one thing though I'm hoping for is that this trial doesn't last for five episodes as that could really slow things too far down.
 Not sure when the next recaps will be as I'll be watching episodes eight and nine of 'W", will be recapping them hopefully this Friday so then Sunday is when I may come back with this drama's third episode. So-Ra doesn't have a huge amount of fans here(yet!), some appear to think she's not overly attractive but she certainly has been making my blood boil! Actually maybe So-Ra does have some fans here, if so let me hear from you and even if I don't there's still going to be a mega amount of posts for her coming up. Many more screenshots from this episode which hopefully can help you follow the story a bit better,

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